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Is Cardioversion always the answer

Hi everyone! Still waiting for my ablation (6 months since I saw the EP now) and despite being moved onto another consultant's list... I'm still waiting. My INR has stablised to mid range 2.4 despite missing a dose of warfarin one day and it plummeting to 1.4.

MY post today is because at 5am today, I slipped back into a dodgy rhythm. I didn't get the increased heart rate but my rhythm was certainly irregular and it was sending me light headed and clammy.

Against my better judgement, I went to work (at the hospital) but packed an overnight supply of clothes and washbag and meds incase. I managed to get through 6 hours work and get home OK..... then suddenly 12 hours after it started - I reverted. I hadn't done anything beyond try to be normal and pretend it wasn't happening....... and after a good couple of belches before tea - it's gone!

If I'd have presented at A&E I'd still be in hospital waiting for a cardioversion, starved, missing my dog and worrying everyone. But seems I didn't need it this time! Has this happened to anyone else?

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Yes. Your experience mirrors mine. I have never been offered a cardioversion. It appears to be a short term fix. I too am waiting for an ablation and it's a 3 months agreed wait to August 5th.

I always have a packed over night bag in my car boot as I never know when AF will strike - better safe than sorry!


Yes, I've had several sessions like you describe. Very early morning it is Not Right. I usually try to make it stop being silly by taking extra flecainide. It doesn't always work (usually it will) and I carry on as normal avoiding physical effort, and suddenly the heart is back to its usual self. Typically 8pm when I have had another dose of flecainide. I feel in good enough form and don't go pale or feel dizzy or breathless. I watch the blood pressure if I am at home. I started not mentioning it to my husband as he was having a course of radiotherapy and found this quite an effective way of moving forward. The ablation I had in March (had been waiting since July) has all but stopped the AF so lets hope you get a date soon!


I'm on desk duties at the moment apart from a couple of periods of lightheadedness and dizzyness early on I felt OK all day..... it's the first time it's woken me up and oddly enough it's the first time in 4 episodes that I haven't had an elevated heart rate - just the dodgy rhythm. I've spent the day resting apart from sitting at work, so hopefully a good night's kip will settle it, though it always feels more intense when I'm lay down.


My AF almost always starts in the early morning, sometimes just for an hour or so, sometimes longer. I have no idea what starts normal rhythm again but it suddenly returns. Hope you have had a good night.


For about 13 years I just carried on as normal. Despite numerous attempts at recording the dodgy rhythm on an e.c.g. I gave up trying (stupidly! ) My heart rate was usually around 100 so although I was anxious and uncomfortable I was never bad enough to go to A and E. I now wish I had as I would have been diagnosed and would have probably avoided the 3 frightening.g. T.I.A.s. Anyway now I am anticoagulated and am on antiarhythmic drugs and await an ablation. I tell you this only to illustrate that unless you feel very unwell there is probably no need to go to A. And E. Particularly since you are already in the system and awaiting an ablation.Just my opinion though. X


I've recently been "cardioverted" after 5 months of being in persistent arrhythmia and touch wood all is back in rhythm and I was taken off my meds last week following a clear ECG.

I'm hoping it doesn't return anytime soon but if it does I'll try some big burps

Are you sure you're back in rhythm. For much of the time while I was in AF I couldn't feel any significant palpitations. I could only confirm by checking my pulse


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