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I was to get cardioversion today but I didn't get it as my heart has gone back into sinus rhythm Yahoo, they said my medication must be working.

They are going to leave me on Amiodrarone until I get my ablation on the 23rd of January.

Thank you to everyone for their support.

Have a wonderful Christmas and all the best for 2019.

Take care


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Good news Laura ! Not long now to your ablation. Have a good Christmas !

Best wishes


Yay 🙌 great to hear you are doing well... Have a great Christmas 🎅

How very pleasing for you!

All good wishes to you too, Laura

I love a happy ending!! Good on ya....

Congratulations! So glad to hear that. Good luck with you ablation.

Good luck to you but please use search box on top right of page for Amiodrarone.

Don't know how long you have been on this drug or what you know of it. But just so you know.

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Lorlaw70 in reply to Norm

Hi Norm - thank you for your reply. I have been on Amiodrarone for 3 weeks. I did do the search on it and I understand it is a pretty nasty drug however my cardiologist has advised me that I won't be on it for very long as I already have thyroid problems for which I am taking medication for. Putting me on this drug was the last resort until I get my ablation. Fingers crossed hopefully I won't get any severe side effects. Thank you for your concern. Have a wonderful Christmas. Laura

That's great

Not long to wait now. Have a peaceful Christmas

Brilliant news! Have a wonderful Christmas.


Excellent!! Amiodarone comes in for some pretty negative publicity, which i can understand if you have been affected by one of the well documented side effects. These are dosage related (200mg daily is supposedly a low maintenance dose) . Well done, Good luck and Happy Brexit.

I took amiodarone for a fair while. The opticians used to gather round to look at the spirals in my eyes. After my successful ablation I asked the EP for instructions regarding the pills. 'Bin em', he said,' My cardiologist said he would like ne to stay on them until he sees me next', I said. 'OK, he said, 'Don't bin em', and that was the last I saw of him.

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