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Biopsy and INR

I had to go to our district hospital to- day for a biopsy on my tongue. They think that the small white line is due to allergy to silver fillings.

Warfarin caused an awful fuss. They will not accept finger-prick results. They need a blood sample withiin 24 hours. My NRI has been very stable at about 2.5 Their blood sample result came in at 1.5. All this took ages to ascertain.

They were all clued up about local anaesthetic without adrenalin in it but they did comment that without the adrenalin there would be more bleeding.

So here I am with 3 stitches in my tongue. I don't feel like eating and that's good for my pre-ablation diet.

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That's a big variation between capillary and venous sample. At least it's done now. Hope they don't want to disturb your fillings if they are right and it's not a problem for you.


I too had to have a biopsy on my tongue after having all the different remedies for all the usual problems of the mouth. Thankfully I had not started warfarin so no problems with that. Not a pleasant experience is it, but I must say it healed remarkably fast. The diagnosis is Lichen Planus for which there is no cure and is an auto immune thingy. I seem to have got used to the symptoms although my lovely curries have been off the menu unfortunately. Be well.



Thank you both. My tongue is swollen and black to-day. It isn't a pretty sight. Thank you for putting a name to the problem. I really don't want to have the fillings replaced with white stuff as it would cause the teeth to weaken. It's not much fun getting older,is it ?


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