What do you do while waiting for Ablation ?

1st ever post regarding my issue !!!I am sat here in limbo with intermittent chest pains and missed beats , catching breath . I feel that my life is on hold . I am on the waiting list for an ablation for left atrial paroxysmal Af which I really want ASAP . There is no more options at the doctors or A and E . I have Bisoprolol, flecainide , and co- codamol and Diazepam as my stress and anxiety levels are sky high . All I get is a few moments of peace or relief in a day . I just wondered What do others do to cope or manage while awaiting their ablation . I have even got to the stage where I avoid people as I feel my behavior would be noticed and guess what I am a trained Counsellor and Hypnotherapist . I have had to cancel all future Clients as I am not settled enough to be of Professional help to anyone. I have been managing! For a few years but the last 6 months have knocked me for six .

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  • I am so sorry that you are having such a miserable time. I really do appreciate how rotten you can feel when in AF. I am scheduled to have an ablation in August. I dread making any arrangements meantime. I have a long standing, annual, commitment to steward in the cheese marque at the County Show. I 'm dreading it as I might feel like a washed out rag on those days and I would hate to let them down.

    Hope you get a date for the ablation very soon.

  • Thanks jennydog , it's the anxiety of what if ? That is the stressor . I sometimes talk about being in the here and now to clients but it is really hard to control runaway thoughts . Anyway it's bad news that we often dread the things we originally set out to enjoy , because of A fib and the thoughts and feelings that accompany it . I have basically avoided any commitment to any engagement until I am sorted . Hope all goes well for you re Ablation . I smiled when you mentioned the cheese as I have often experienced symptoms after eating it . Go to the Show to defy A-fibs attempt to sabotage your happiness . Thanks for reply :-))

  • Yes, I think that it is too easy to sit around worrying about your condition. I do it/have done it.The other day I thought 'what the hell' it doesn't matter now. I can drink coffee and it is not going to give me AF because I already have it.I could even smoke a fag ( but would not) I think we spend so much time trying to remain fit and when it does not happen become down, and some of these drugs such as Bisoprolol make you depressed even without realising it. Better to get out, do something, forget your flutters,maybe do something you feel like, like having a tot of something.Yesterday I felt awful, had a little drink of a chinese herbal liquor, sweated during the night and today have felt very well.Worry and anxiety are the enemy and I make the same mistakes, so cannot purport to be very knowledgeable in this area, but am learning.

  • Hi Micky,One of the worst things is worry or anxiety as this just makes the symptoms worse,I know it takes time and the waiting doesn,t help but things will get better and positive thinking does help,good luck

  • Cheers argzxoni61 . Thanks for your support :-))

  • Hi Micky - Yes, I know and understand that awful feeling when it's a struggle to do anything because of AF. However, even though I was full of self pity at times I would never let it get a real hold on me and strove to be bright and cheerful. What is your situation with regards to AF and how long have you had it? Have you had any indication of how long before you can have your ablation? You are not alone, Big healing hug. Jean

  • Hello Jean , thanks for responding , I have noticed arrhythmias for donkey's years and have had numerous ECG , echo, holter, tests over the years and I was sent away with medication such as beta lockers or anti anxiety . But 6 months ago the AF finally went bananas and I ended up in A and E and I was almost Pleased that it was finally caught in full flight . I had to go to a specialist at Papworth and he knew straightaway what I was experiencing . I have been told that I am on the NHS waiting list and it could be 5 months from now until the Procedure , in the meantime I am getting all sorts of palps and missed beats as well as chest pain . The Afib wakes me at night and can actually stop me in conversation , so now I have gone a bit quiet . This is awkward as I run a Hypnotherapy and Counselling Practice . :)

  • Oh, sounds so familiar. I am so sorry this has hit you so hard, you are not alone! And everyone here with all different types of AF have compassion for what you are going through. Things do improve - if not at least by learning to be less frightened by the situation. My way of dealing with it was to research it to the limits, and now I am learning to breath through it, with it, no resistance and it goes easier over us. I attached a link about a wonderful lady Tara Brach who gives great (free) meditations online. It really helped me going into an ablation (awake). The Duck Meditation, I learned to be a duck floating on the water, riding the ups and downs of the waves. Now in all honesty, it took me a couple of years to get to that point. As for the socializing, oh yes, I went to work, put on a great face (no one knows) and came home and crashed. Try NOT to isolate yourself too much, this condition really does that to us. We so don't want to be in an awkward situation and often choose just not to go out. It becomes very isolating. Tell a few people and go out with them - I warn folks, "I might leave early". Everyone has been VERY understanding. Bottom line, if you have a bit of blues, get on this forum... it truly helps. We do understand. All the best, stay in touch

  • Thanks Iris very helpful comments , I am into visualization stuff and might give the duck a go . I have been known to drive separately if I have to make an appearance such as birthdays etc which often people don't understand but I am creating an Escape route , I have A and E hospitals set in my satnav . I realize that I am feeding the fear and am constantly battling negative feelings and emotions , I do believe that the Ablation will set me free again . This forum and it's members provide a great opportunity for sufferers to share and assist others in understanding that we are not alone THANKS TO ALL :-))

  • There is an expression in french which says the children of the shoemaker are the least well shod! So hard to do for ourselves what we do for others.... makes you start to ponder about the true work we have in front of us. Give yourself the same break you'd give your clients!


    all the best..

  • Haha great saying , you are absolutely right Iris :) thank you

  • hear , hear to what Iris has said,

    hope you feel better soon,

    best wishes

  • Thanks rosy :-)

  • I just had to get on with work as I couldn't afford not to but luckily it was sedentary. I still have problems but you do learn not to worry about them. The only worry I ever have now is someone will notice and think I can't do the job as a result so I have coping strategies like limping rather than saying I can't walk up hills!

  • How are you doing Mickeysixpence?

  • Well hello Iris , I am immersing myself in the World Cup and Horseracing ATM , this helps distract me as I am in LIMBO awaiting the procedure date to arrive . I am experiencing the usual horribleness ( is that a word) at least once an hour sometimes more . I did a workout session in anger the other day , as if I was challenging my heart . All went fine but an hour or so later the usual crappy symptoms and anxiety returned . Anyway hope your well today . Cheers Michael

  • Sounds like a good plan - the World Cup that is! I think we have all tested ourselves with regard to workouts or food... it almost seems it is easier to be in AF than waiting for it sometimes. Stick with the sports on TV for a bit. Hoping for a date soon for you!

    Take care.

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