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Waiting list for ablation

Only just discovered this site.Have had af since about 1990 also had scents due to angina 2002.Take 2 100mg flecanide also 2 bisoprolol 5mg and lisinopril 7.5 I also take rivoroxaban 20mg ((above stents not scents)Taken all sorts of meds over the years all worked for a few years now worse again in af anything from 1day to 6days continually. Now on list for ablation.All your comments have been useful, I think I dread the toe more than ablation,I will be having sedation for both procedures


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Hello Jane and welcome to the forum. Sounds like you have not taken the decision to have an ablation lightly which is very sensible says me in a patronising way! Try not to worry about either the TOE or the ablation, just don't hesitate to let the EP if you are feeling any excessive discomfort and he will arrange for you to go back into LaLa land! You may have a slightly sore throat for a few days, but better that than risking dislodging blood clot. We are all pleased that one of our revered volunteers is back from a short holiday courtesy of the NHS, and when he's read the instructions on how to fire up his PC, I'm sure he will share some pearls or wisdom too!!!

Hopefully now you have made the decision, you will not have to wait too long. I'm also sure you know that you should take it very easy for at least two weeks after the procedure, but what they probably will omit to tell you is that you are likely to have some AF and palpitations during the first six months or so, so make sure you have established a point of contact to get help should it be necessary ......which it won't!!! Good luck and please let us know how you get on......John

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Hi John yes I have been told not to expect to much in the first six months.Thanks for your reply.


Hi Jane....nothing much to add to what Flapjack has said except that I too worried more about the TOE than the ablation. Just tell yourself how vital this is to ensure that there are no clots lurking.

I had my first two ablation and TOE s under sedation and third lot under GA. I'm not going to pretend that it was a wonderful experience but certainly not as bad as I had anticipated.

Hope you don't have to wait too long for your ablation date.




Thanks for your reply Sandra, certainly helps to listen to people with experience of having Toe&ablation


Hi Jane,

Don't worry about the TOE. With sedation you will completely unaware of it. I was very nervy about it but in the end found it no problem.


Hi Richard thanks for your input sure hope I get the same experience


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