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Waiting for ablation date


Had cardioversion 10 weeks ago still in N R I got a call from hospital 3 weeks ago .The nurse had spoken to my cardiologist and they're wanting to do ablation I feel great at the moment and wonder what benefit this will be . I'm actually waiting for preop letter confused.

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It is your choice to have an ablation or not. Don't feel pressured to have it..

Twosticks in reply to baba

Thanks Baba going to see GP


As I'm sure you understand cardioversion is not a cure for anything so you still have AF even though you may not have any symptoms right now. It can come back at any time. Obviously it is your choice to have ablation but unless you are paying for it (are you in UK?) I doubt you will get the call anytime soon so maybe keep your options open by saying yes for when it does return. You can always decline later if you wish.

Twosticks in reply to BobD

Good advice as usual Bob it is NHS I've just made appointment to see G P for he's advice thanks again hope you're well .

Are you in the UK, and don’t answer if you don’t want to, are you a private patient or are living somewhere else. Only asking because this rapid treatment program would be unusual if you are using the NHS. In terms of would it be a good thing to do is dependant on many things. It’s not unusual for an ablation to follow a CV, but it’s not normally that quick. A successful CV indicates that you are likely to do much having an ablation and many medics will say the sooner it is done, the better. This is because the heart has had less time to remodel (not sure if that’s the right term) and enlarge.

As with any invasive procedure, there are risks which you need to discuss with your doctor and you should also bear in mind there is no actual cure for AF, but an ablation can control symptoms if not for ever, often for a long time. As you may know, AF is also generally progressive, but it’s impossible to say what form that may take. If you are being treated privately, I would suggest that you don’t get bounced into having an ablation as it can be done anytime and far mor quickly than on the NHS. Take some time to find out more about your condition and maybe even consider a second opinion....hope this helps.

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Thanks a lot flapjack some great info second opinion may be the answer as I've told Bob seeing my GP Monday . Thanks again for your answer.

I was in the same position converted in July feeling great Ablation was set for 10-29 and during my pre-counsel I mentioned to the DR that I had stopped taking magnesium about 30 days before going into afib and after some discussion he said lets take you off the multaq and see what happens, that was 30 days ago and I feel good no signs, hoping some more life style changes will make an ablation not necessary

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Sounds good easygoer have faith hope it works for you do you still take magnesium.

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Yes I take 800 mg of two types glycinate and Turate 400 mg each

Hi Twosticks, I have just had my ablation on Tuesday November 5th of all nights. When I came round at the end of the op (I fell asleep part way through) I felt brilliant. No pain anywhere and I felt like I had slept for a week, very refreshed. Like you I was wondering whether to have it or not, but I have not yet had an af, I know it's early days but I am glad I had it. As Bobd says keep your options open, you could regret it after you have refused it. This scourge of af does not go away and will most definitely come back after a cardioversion. I you refuse the op you may be put on to the end of the list again and have to wait longer for again. Think carefully as an ablation , even though is not necessarily a long term cure, it is a longer cure than a cardioversion. Wishing you well for the future.


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Wow you've done well flyer2820 I suppose when ok after cardioversion you think it'll last . Thanks for sharing your experience and hope you continue to keep well.

I had an appointment after my second cardioversion with a new to me Locum Cardiologist who rather casually suggested an Ablation but when I mentioned I had just been diagnosed with severe Sleep Apnea he was rather shocked it had never been picked up before and then suggested once addressed with Cpap I should be off meds and back to a normal life, needless to say I was elated! Six months later I had a AF episode which needed a cardioversion and the registrar cardiologist gentle spoke to me whilst coming round from the general about having an ablation to avoid this happening again, I really liked him and warmed to his suggestion but when the appointment come through 10 weeks later and I was feeling better I started to go against the idea, but when I went for the premed it all made sense and I am so pleased I went through with it. I really do like my GP but I am not sure she would have any advice over and above that of either the Registrar or Consultant who was also lovely. I guess once again it highlights we are all so individual, have different needs and indeed each professional has a different idea on what is best for each of us!

Hope all goes well with what ever decision you make. Best regards Max

Thanks max looks like I might take the same path Hope you keep well.

Well the cardioversion got you back on track, but the ablation is sometimes described as "curative"... That may be overstating it, and plenty of people need repeat procedures, but it is generally far more permanent than cardioversion.. Of course new electrical fault lines can appear in the coming decades, and they might be case for a repeat. The Percentages are in your favour/favor though

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Thanks allserene good info lots to think about hope you're well.

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