Ablation next week for running induced AF

So sorry if I'm getting this wrong and this should be on another post or something, but I'm so unbelievably relieved to find this forum. I have exercise induced AF plus occasionally if I'm anxious or leap up from a chair too quickly. I'm a keen runner and find that even a gentle jog sets it off - not great for training! Usually it sorts itself out when I stop running but occasionally it'll last for the rest of the day, which I hate. My ablation is due next Thursday and having spent the last three months trying to forget about it, I'm now rather nervous. I've read all the threads on here, so I pretty much know what to expect in the procedure. Are there any post ablation runners out there and what was your recovery and return to training like?

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  • Hi Therealsue,I,m not a runner but a cyclist but the only advice I can give you is to take it easy for at least 3 months,I know it seems a long time but it takes that long for the scar tissue to harden up and work so to much to quick is really a no go, just slowly build it up after a month or so by walking and you should be fine good luck

  • Good luck with your ablation - hope it will go smoothly and successfully. I'm no more than a walker, but an hour's treadmilling (in two or three bites) is a significant part of my day. I'd ask your EP for advice. I got back to my usual routine in a few weeks but it isn't very strenuous! I'm sure too little is better than too much.

  • Thank you to both of you. I think I'll be really nervous to do anything for quite a while anyway. My cardiologist said no running for 2 to 3 weeks. I just hope I don't have to have a second ablation. He reckons there's s 70% chance of success with the first and 80-90% after a second if it's needed.

  • Hope all goes well for you with your ablation. Please let us know how you get on. Wishing you well.


  • Good news, having a date definitely ups the nerves, but it is also a relief to know there is hope for a new found calm, and a good run! Keep us posted-

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