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I went back to see Dr Todd, the Consultant EP at Liverpool Broadgreen 9/5/14. Bob rates him highly and so do I. I told him that 4 different beta blockers had not controlled the AF. I said that I considered that I have a rhythm problem, not a rate problem. He said "I agree." I explained that I had recently had bouts of breathlessness and tiredness and wobbly legs with Bisoprolol he has changed the medication to 1x 200mg Diltiazem (a calcium-channel blocker) and 2x 50 mg Flecainide daily.

At this point I should explain that I am a 69yr old woman, 6' tall, with lowish blood pressure and a size 18 ie big but not fat. I have had AF for 5+ years and am very stable on warfarin.

Dr Todd wants to do an ablation and we have agreed on Aug 5th. He thinks there is a likely success of 70%. Because of my age? No, because of my weight. He wants me fully anaesthetised . Why? Because of my weight - he wants an anaesthetist to take care of me whilst he concentrates on the ablation.

He told me that Liverpool do more ablations than anywhere else in the UK and that the age cut off is 80.

As I left I said "Right, I'm going on a diet." He replied "That will help me to help you."

I forgot to mention that he examined my yellow book and said that I should not take warfarin the night before the ablation and to be below 3.

I am aware that some of the above answers some recent queries on the forum so I thought it worthwhile to go into detail. I have to say that whenever I go into a Cardiology Dept I am eternally grateful for the knowledge gained here. Thank you all.

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I don't know about the weight issue, sorry, but notice your consultant said Liverpool do more ablations than anywhere else in the UK.

I attend Harefield Hospital in Middlesex (off there tomorrow morning) and coincidentally I have just read in their literature that THEY do the most ablations in the UK!

Good luck with losing weight.



I have always been overweight but it has never been mentioned. In fact before my af started years ago, i was told that the fact that I had lost a lot of weight very quickly could have been a contributory factor. Just recently I have successfully lost weight with the hope it would affect my symptoms. No such luck they have actually got worse. Lol.

So I suppose it is up to the individual consultants


Apologies. I pressed the wrong button. See reply below.

That's interesting. When I was rushed to A&E about 5 years ago and diagnosed with AF I asked if it was because I carried too much weight and I was told that weight had nothing to do with AF. It has never been mentioned since. Now, however, it is about invasive treatment so that's the difference, I suppose. I thought that I should spell it out as it may serve as a warning to other members!

I am very overweight due to the fact of putting on 4 stone in 4 years ie since I have been in AF. I have mentioned my weight many times but have been told that in my case it is not a contributory factor. My EP has always used GA for my ablations and as far as I understand this is normal procedure for him. 'I don't want you moving around' he says and the procedures are long. So far between 5 and 7 1/2 hrs.

jennydog in reply to Barb1

I have slowed down in the last few months due to the effects of the dreaded Bisoprolol . I don't think that I have put on weight but to counter the lack of exercise I have been eating carefully. I don't use scales as I become obsessive about them and weigh myself every time I am near them! My clothes aren't tight so I'm hopeful!


Hi jennydog,

Will Dr.Todd be performing the ablation himself.Carol.

jennydog in reply to Hidden

Yes,he said so. I was told by the cardiologist at our local hospital that there are 5 or 6 EPs doing ablations in Broadgreen, Liverpool.


Hi jennydog thanks for replying so quickly.l am on a waiting list for an Ablation at the same hospital but with a different consultant.l was told he wouldn't be performing the Ablation himself which concerns me somewhat.c

jennydog in reply to Hidden

Dr Todd had his diary on screen and first offered me 2 dates in late July. I hesitated because I'm hoping to be away for 2 days then. He then said "How about Aug 6?" I agreed and he said that would suit him very well as he was on holiday the following week. He said he would routinely see me in 6 months and yesterday the appointment came for early November at 4.30 on a Friday. It's a ghastly journey from North Wales.

I understand your anxiety. Let me know how you get on.

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Yes I will keep you informed of my date.Incidentally l originate from Bethesda.C

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