Women with pacemakers! How do you manage to wear a bra?

I had to have my pacemaker implanted twice, once in the morning, then a lead moved so back in the afternoon, hence really bad bruising. The position of the pacemaker is where my bra strap will be when I pluck up courage to wear one (I had the implant 9 days ago). I see you can get pads for the straps and wonder which will be comfortable. Any advice will be helpful (bet some men will have their two pennies worth on this one! ha ha).


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  • Perish the though Di, . Mum knows best is the person to answer that question.


  • Get a strapless bra maybe? I didn't wear a bra for a few days when I got my first shoulder pacemaker due to the pain of the scar, but I actually think that made the pain worse as the weight of the breast dragged down on the wound. For the last two pacemaker replacements, I've worn my normal bras but just put the strap as far to the outside of the shoulder as possible so it doesn't rub. I also wear good, supportive sports bras so it doesn't really matter if that one strap falls down off the shoulder. I find with those waterproof dressings now, the strap doesn't seem to rub but even if it does, I'm already in significant pain so it doesn't make much of a difference and it's much better for me to have the support of the bra. Good wishes for rapid healing!

  • Hi I had open heart surgery in dec and post up and most of time I wear the soft crop top bras can get most places softest ones I found were sainsbury good luck

  • Thank you for that. I had stitches the first time, then they decided to super glue the second time as I was bleeding so much from the stitches. I have got soft bras and will try them; will also probably invest in a strapless one. My pacemaker is really close to my shoulder joint as there was nowhere else the EP could put it due to no flesh on my chest! I am feeling better by the day and gaining more confidence, sounds wimpish I know but I was frightened when the lead moved.

    Never mind, all will be well. Hope you are both well and Angel blessings.


  • Hi

    If I remember rightly I wore marks and Spencer's tops which incorporated a bra for a few weeks, then went back to normal bras. I did used to tuck a tissue under the strap at first, now 5 years down the line don't have any problems and wear anything. I think it took 6 weeks or so to feel comfortable in my normal bras.

    Hope that helps


  • Good afternoon Eileen, thank you that does help. The nurse gave me the impression that I could wear a bra straight away so I was thinking 'what's wrong with me'. I am so badly bruised all around my under arm, left breast etc. it really is uncomfortable even wearing Tshirts!

    Stay well and heart calm


  • I,ve no problems with mine Graham

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