AV node ablation

I have been fitted with a bi- ventricular pacemaker and now about to see my EP to have an AV node ablation. Very concerned about how I will feel and operate afterwards. Will I still feel the AF.any advice would be much appreciated. My general health is very good but the AF always causes me to end up in A&E. since the pacemaker was fitted in April I have already had one AF attack

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  • My understanding is that the pacemaker will manage your ventricle and allow a regular beat which in turn means that blood flow should be normal and you will be able to function OK within the parameters of the PM setting.

    What it can't do is control the atrium which can continue to play games alone so whilst you may well still notice the fibrillation you should not have the fatigue and other side effects of AF

  • Hi thanks for your prompt response. But how badly do you feel the upper chambers finrillating

  • I don't know as I don;t have a PM. I do know a lady who was still very symptomatic post AV node ablation/PM but she had lots of other issues.

  • Thank you, I also have a dual lead pacemaker and on my second pacemaker check this year I was told I had been in AF on a number of occasions, this came as a complete surprise as I am sure I felt no symptoms of this. I was started on Rivaoxaban to thin my blood and will be interested to know what my next annual check shows. I would appreciate hearing from anyone else in this situation.

  • Actually it doesn't thin blood. It merely slows down coagulation so that the risk of clots forming and causing strokes is reduced.

  • I think that you are fighting a losing battle on the wording.

  • A similar question was asked a few days ago with quite a few responding who have had this procedure - do a search for AF Node or Pace & Ablate and you should find a few threads where people talk about their experiences.

  • I believe the heart can still be damaged by the continuing afib or flutter in the upper chambers.

  • I had av node ablation on april 11 2016 and have a bi ventricular pm. Ep says I have permanent afib. After the procedure I was still short of breath. Had pm adjusted and improved some. Went back 4weeks ago and ep and tech spent approximately 2 hours changing settings and having me walk the hall to see if it improved. Also contacted the pm company tech. Between the 3of them I now have a setting that let's me walk, talk, and breath all at the same time!!

    So, if you still don't feel 100% after procedure, don't give up. I do notice the afib sometimes but it does not seem to interfere with what I am doing. Glad I had the av node ablation. Pm dependant but now have a more normal, for me, life. Good luck and don't give up. Its worth the struggle.

  • Many thanks for your reply,it sounds as though it has been successful for you. It certainly gives me more confidence.

    Kind Regards


  • Just another point. The tech has set my pm to generate a report every 8 hours. He said I might feel the pm cycling thru its test, but I haven't. This is because i am a High priority patient??? And pm dependant. Not sure I want to be so important but good to know someone is watching.

  • Thank you, that's very encouraging,

  • Hi Teinfisher,

    I had an AV node ablation a fortnight ago after having a pacemaker fitted 6 weeks before that. The procedure was pain free and I felt fine afterwards but I do still have periods of af and breathlessness. The ep that did the procedure did say that it's not 100% guaranteed working anyway! (Not really what you need to hear when you think it's the final straw to ease the symptoms) My digoxin and Amiodarone were both stopped on the same day but not the Bisoprolol. I saw the ep this week and he said that he's going to do a 24 hour tape and then adjust that as necessary! My symptoms don't seem to be as persistent as they were before the procedure but are definitely still the Rest! Good luck with the procedure and I hope that you are symptom free afterwards and look forward to the rest of your life!

    Best regards


  • Many thanks for replying, have you been told things will improve?

    Kind regards


  • Hi Mel,

    They haven't said that things will get any better but they haven't said they will get any worse either! The ep did say when he was doing the ablation that he could always do it again if needs be. I do also have heart failure which could attribute to the breathlessness though. I am definitely pleased that I had it done and hope that things will calm down on their own as it is early days yet! 45 minutes on the table, possibly to change your quality of life is worth it in my opinio! Keep positive and think of a great life afterwards.

    Best wishes


  • Hi Sharon

    From reading other posts it does seem to take a while to settle down.

    I do hope things resolve for you, the more I read from other sufferers the more I feel that I will go ahead.

    My very best wishes


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