Antibiotics and Warfarin

Hello everyone, I have developed a raging ear infection in both ears, I suspect that this has been brought on by my ears being washed out at the doctors. I am currently using antibiotic eardrops Sofradex, unfortunately they are not clearing my infection. The doctor that I spoke to last weekend said he was reluctant to prescribe oral antibiotics due to my being on warfarin. I am due to see my own GP tomorrow, I would like your advice please on asking for oral antibiotics as I have a holiday looming next week.

Do doctors prescribe antibiotics whilst on warfarin ?

Thanks x

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  • Can't answer your question but I had repeated ear infections till a few years ago, probably because of sticking my finger in my ears after handling sheep. I had ear drops and it took a long time for them to work but eventually they did. No got out of the habit of sticking my finger in my ears, I think!


  • I had a tear duct infection while I was on Warfarin. It took seven courses of progressively stronger oral antibiotics to clear it up. GP would only prescribe a mild, general antibiotic at first due to antibiotics affecting INR. I was needing to have it tested weekly at that point. A stronger more specific antibiotic called Augmentin was the one that eventually worked.

  • Many times and usually just ask you to have an INR test as soon as you stop the antibiotics. The balance of probability is that the infection is more dangerous than any slight stroke or bleed risk which may arise during the period you are taking the antibiotics.


  • Not helpful in the short term I know but this is another good reason to switch to an NOAC. There is no interaction between the one I take and the antibiotics in question. My cardiologist said that infections need to be treated aggressively in people with heart problems as there is an increased risk of endocarditis.

  • Agreed in spades. Especially from any tooth infection and you REALLY don't want endocarditis! There was a young chap in the bed opposite me in Brompton who got it from a botched wisdom tooth extraction and spent three months in there . Used to pop in and see him whenever I went up to OP apt. Not fun at all but he did survive which many don't.


  • Yes iv had them but I was been texted evey week cos my INR was not right some times then can interfere with your INR some times not good luck x

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