Transition from Warfarin to Apixaban

Good morning all. Last week I wrote a post on changing meds. I saw my doctor this am and she said that she could now change me over, as Wales NHS has just given carte blanc for the new anticoagulants. I have to wait for pack to be made up and then cut down on warfarin etc etc. I also then told her about ache (not pain) in my shoulder blade, she seems to think its to do with Angina, whioch I have had all the tests done and nothing showed up, so she sending me to ECG clinic to be checked out. I vary rarely go to dr. but they always seem to find something else for you to worry about. Anyway I can now have new tabs which I am pleased about as it seems the reports on here are very good.

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  • Oh that is good news. I know what you mean about finding something else. I tend to ignore various chest aches especially as they come and go and are different each time and i can talk myself into anything! I was going to ask about NOACs last week but as she changed other meds and I bit the bullet and finally started taking statins ( prescribed in Dec!!) I decided that if she did say yes to NOACs and I got a problem - I wouldn't know what was causing it!! Will ask in September when i have to go back.

  • Good choice to only make one change at a time. However I would wait 3 months before changing. Very important you have full set of blood tests done 3 months after starting statin. I had simavastatin and it gave me various muscle aches and sent liver function out. I know many take statins without problems.

  • Thanks @PeterWh . Our surgery has a protocol for new statin users but the nurse said many of the docs ignore them. My GP said a blood test after 4 weeks. I've had baseline LFTs and cholesterol done thanks to the INR care asst!! I'm sure she'll oblige if I remind her. I've been very anti statins for years so it's a big step for me.

  • That's good news about Apixaban, after all your INR problems. I've been taking it for two and a half years, without problems but have never taken Warfarin, so I can't compare them.

    I hope you find the new drug easier to cope with and you can get that shoulder ache resolved. Best wishes.

  • That's good Dottilind! I saw my INR clinician yesterday and fixed up appointment to see GP who will get things rolling. Had to have a blood test this morning, to make sure everything is in order for the change. Onwards and upwards eh?!!

  • Well, I say out of the Dark Ages and into the daylight.

  • Hi Dadog, saw Dr, today and she has agreed to change to Apixaban. Have to have bloods done for kidney and liver function. Then appointment to see nurse and come off warfarin to start on new drug. As you said onwards and upwards. I cant wait to have a big plate of greens and glass of wine. I have not drunk for over two and half years due to warfarin as I was so scared of getting an attack of AF. Will keep in touch and compare how it affects us in any way etc etc. Take care.

  • Brilliant! You sound cheerier already! I shall join you in a celebratory glass or three of cider and a plateful of green beans, broccoli and mushy peas!! Hope all goes well for you.

  • Hurray well done, a result I would say ! X

  • Hi, So pleased to hear you are going to get Apixaban, the freedom from back and forth for blood tests is really good, also freedom from fluctuating INR. Hope all goes well with your ECG. Best wishes Kath

  • I was reading an article today, and you still need regular blood tests on apixaban (and other NOACs), particularly if your kidney function is not 100% as it frequently isn't for those with AF. Tests every 3-6 months are recommended, which is almost as bad as warfarin! See

  • Hi MarkS I would rather go every 3-6 months instead of every week. if that is all i have to worry about I am pleased to be going onto Apixaban.

  • Hi Dottilind, I don't know anyone who would go for a blood draw every week. I test every week using a Coaguchek but that takes 2 mins at home. I think we can find common ground if I say that I think a Coaguchek is essential if you're on warfarin and not everyone will want/be capable of doing that.


  • Well I go every week!!!

    Mind you it's not too much bother as clinic is at old memorial hospital 1.5 miles from home and average wait is 5 or maybe 10 mins when bad. Often get bled straight away. Probably helped by the fact that Wednesday morning is a warfarin blood clinic only.

  • Wales has said yes to the new anti-coags? Hmmm I won't hold my breath for Betsi Cadwaladr deciding to introduce them - I think we're several centuries behind everyone here in the north. I keep expecting the doctor to prescribe leeches... 'Dissolve one under the tongue, we're not in the Dark Ages now, you know!'

  • Hi yes I was surprised as when I attended consultant for ablation (which I turned down) he told me that if I lived over the border I would get them. Also could have them at £70 a month I said I was 73 and paid my NHS from 16 and worked for the NHS nursing for years no way would I pay for something which I think is my right. I saved the NHS £1500 not having that procedure done. So I was really shocked to say the least when she said yes why not. Going for blood tests Monday and away we go. Hope it wont be too long before they decide, as we are all governed by the Welsh assembly who control the NHS.

  • I will keep my fingers crossed! That's certainly a major change from the assembly, I hope it will find its way up north - though our doctors do love the warfarin. 'Tried and tested' is the phrase I keep hearing!

  • Behind the times???!!!!

  • That's another way of putting it :D

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