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My dented tender fingers an answer?


Went to GP today to get scripts re-authorised and mention my fingers problem. I had my GP admit that I do have a Heart and Lung Problem at last!

I explained what happens with my finger tips and mentioned critical illness neuropathy and it was not dismissed, however he said that with my problems it has now become more difficult to diagnose which of my problems is causing this and other things. He would expect my ankles to be swollen as well, which they are not but do leave dents when pressed like my fingers? He has said it could be my circulation or my O2 or both because neither are working 100%.

To add to this some tablets that may help the problem may cause me more problems elsewhere I have had some bad reactions to some wonder drugs.

So I am now back to "Live with It"

Be Well

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Hmmm I hate it when doctors decide it's difficult to diagnose so they won't. It doesn't seem like much of an answer. Is there any chance of getting to see an EP? They are the experts, and really should be the experts in side effects too...


Offcut in reply to Eatsalottie

My GP summed it up with they will not look past their own remit I have multiply problems so no one will commit to something outside there field?

Grrrrrrr. I'd be ballistic. Dont give up looking for someone who has as much courage as you to find a solution!

Best wishes. Keep us posted

Offcut...don't let your dr put you off having a proper diagnosis. That happened to me...6yrs ago i had a virus i contracted in Indonesia...since then my ill health has been put down to ME, anxiety, frozen shoulder, asthma, migraine, ibs & a whole variety of other things until i got to the point that i couldnt walk or use my arm. I insisted I see another dr...immediately he said i had a chest infection but sent me for an xray 'just in case', my lungs were full of fluid & I was diagnosed with heart failure. I realise now that i should have made much more fuss....Please go back & back to dr & insisted you see a consultant..a cardiologist would be a good start as they will investigate all your symptoms.

Offcut in reply to porsche

The Cardiologist was the one that insisted that the breathing be looked at but it has took nearly 2 years to get the tests to prove I have 57% lung function and drop a further 12.2% when flat due to Restrictive Lung Disease being diagnosed. GP's first thing he said was dehydrated and did the spring back on the back of my hand and that was fine! Then oxymeter showed 94% when rested and upright ( I go up stairs it drops to 85% 90-108 bpm if I go up 2 it drops below 80% 108 -168 bpm) INR fine? I do recover quickly but feel wasted?

I have also worked with Asbestos for 10 years but that storey is like a conspiracy theory and has become very weird.

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