Am i okay to fly with AF?

We booked to go on holiday for my husbands 50th ages ago, long before AF was diagnosed. Stupidly i didnt buy the insurance yet. Do i have to tell them? Im hoping to have cardioversion but it may only be days before we fly.

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  • Hi Tired and confused.

    Yes you can fly, should not be a problem, many of us fly with AF, however I do recommend travel insurance, and you may find that more difficult as you are "awaiting a procedure" and they generally don't like insuring you until after the procedure.

    I'd ring round and see if you can find one that will insure you, but for me that's the only challenge.

    Be well


  • Thank you I'll start the hunt for insurance today



  • There is no reason why you shouldn't fly. I've done it loads of times but you MUST tell your insurance company or find one who will cover you as they cold refuse to pay out on any pre-existing conditions you haven't declared. You must also tell DVLA and your motor insurance people as well as it is a crime not to. by the way. Provided that you don't have blackouts or fainting spells and are not incapacitated by any AF events you can still drive. There is a form on DVLA website which you can fill in. I think there are datails of sympathetic insurance companies on the main AFA website


  • Hi

    I'm new to this forum. My husband was diagnosed 6 months ago. I was just searching for a travel insurance which covers my husbands conditions, AF and Thyroid cancer. Thyroid cnacer has been successfully removed. However, I was just curious to see which insurance would accept him and I chose Insureandgo which was suggested by this website. After answering all the questions, the result was that they wouldn't cover for his conditions. Then I went on anothe website and they would cover but it would cost us over 200£ for 4 weeks on Germany.

    So we decided not to take any additional insurance as the NHS medical card would cover him? Is that correct?

  • I don't think the NHS medical card will but the European Card you apply for, old E11, will give your the same rights to treatment as residents of that country so you would need to look up Germany and see what that would entitle you too and how their system works.

    £200 may sound a lot but when you have to pay up front for medical attention that will only buy you about 30 mins of a doctors time so in reality it could turn out to be quite good value if you or your husband did have to see someone. I don't know too much about how things work in Germany but having had to have medical attention in about 5 countries I have always had to pay up front and then claim back later. Sometimes if you take a bigger excess the cost decreases?

  • Many thanks for your answer. I actually meant the European Card. I know that you don't have to pay upfront neither in Germany nor in Switzerland as he already had treatment in both countries Therefore we have decided to take out a travel insurance which covers everything but the AF and Thyroid cancer which will be covered through the Euro card. I think this is the best solution if you travel within Europe.

  • I am waiting for an ablation and was able to get travel insurance with All Clear, they have covered the AF, hypothyroid and Mineires for me and hypertension for my husband. It's a simple on line form with an immediate quote. We felt the cost was quite reasonable. Good luck with the procedure and I hope you enjoy your holiday

  • Hi I agree with all the above, just a note on AllClear, I applied on-line and was refused because I was flying within 2 weeks of having an ablation but I rang them and they recommended a company who were brilliant, very thorough and I got annual, multi trip which none of the other companies would touch. Definitely best place to start.

  • Look on-line for Pre-excisting illness insurance companies you can save a fortune. I was diagnosed in 1992 and all I have been told try not to fly more than 3 hours? However I now have lung problems and have to have a test to see if I can fly without Oxygen if not I have to get a flight that will supply it, plus a fit to fly cert from GP :(

    Enjoy your trip

  • try good to go insurance ive used them in the past

  • Hi, just go for it. I think a big part of this forum is learning to live with afib. I would get a MedID bracelet just in case -- it can say afib/stroke risk (remote but you gotta live with this). Get your trip insurance and just go and have a great time. You could even argue that relaxing with your loved ones is important and could help your health right now!

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