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One month after ablation

Back to work 3weeks after the op ,first few days were tough going,although to be fair I had a cold .havent really tested myself as far as fitness goes yet,I've had a few walks but nothing strenuous . I feel like the procedure is working because I don't get the afib as often through the day,maybe 4or 5times daily,only lasting for a second or 2.when I go to bed I feel it lasting several seconds but that's it.i generally feel a lot more alert through the day now.will try a few more easy walks to see if I'm upto a more strenuous one.just thought I would give an update .take care all !

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Hi Col, good to hear but do recover slowly if you know what I mean. It takes three months for the heart to recover fully and the scar tissue which blocks the rogue impulses to form so you will have some funnies in that time. The easier you are on your body the better will be the recovery form my experience.



Hi Col,Yes take it nice and slowly,you might wake up one day and feel really good and go out and over do it like i did and it knocked my progress back 2 weeks,so take it easy for at least 3 months and build the walks up slowly.good luck.


Hi Col - It's good to hear that you're feeling better. It does take a while after an ablation to build up strength again and for your heart and body to get used to being 'normal'. Take the next few months easy and don't push yourself to do anything before you are ready. Let your heart heal. Wishing you good health.


Thanks for the advice folks. i have just been for a 4mile flat walk and feel wrecked ! I,am Taurus the bull horoscope sign! God it's frustrating!


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