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who is on diltiazem for paroxysmal a-fib

Had a stress test to induce my parox a-fib, did not happen, however the next day I had it for several hours. I was prescribed diltiazem 120mg 2x. I started the meds in Oct, and was am doing o.k., but early Saturday after midnight I felt it coming on at 3:30 in the morning. I had fallen asleep on the couch and had it for at least 5-6 hrs. I do daily walking and work, no issues. My next apt is at the end of January.

My question is does anyone have breakthrus once in awhile while on this med. I guess it's to early to tell. I also am on eliquis 2.5mg 2x.

I had made a post a while back on my situation. I had cryoablation for my a-fib and did quite well. My parox a-fib returned 5 yrs & 2 mos later etc,......................

Appreciate any feed back.



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On 120 mg. extended release once per day, no problems


To lorna-doone18

How long have you been on 120mg extended release diltiazem caps once daily?




Fifteen months. Had ablation 6 months ago, stopped flecainide at that time, but still take diltiazem and Xarelto.


Diltiazem is for rate control rather than as an anti-arrhythmic. So they will not stop any AF. I found I noticed them a lot less on the dilt than with beta blockers though, and my exercise capacity was much greater.


Few drugs can fully control AF and only rhythm control drugs can to any extent. Sounds like you may need a second ablation.


I take Diltiazem but it is to reduce heartrate in AF and A tachycardia. I take Propafenone for rhythm control.

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I'm on Dilitiazem 240 mg daily and like BobD take mine in the evening - so far it's done the job of keeping my AF at bay - for now - had my last episode about a year ago, but the nature of AF is such that this run of "luck" can change overnight.

All the best to you,



It will breakthru. Theres no stopping it altogether. But I found Diltiazem reduced the intensity fabulously well.



i have been on 120mg for about 2 years now and haven't had any problems which hopefully will continue


I take the same medication and I have had quite a few episodes. Now the dr has put me on Ranexa and Multaq with Diltiazem.


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