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Anybody know what these ECG findings mean?

Had a 12 lead ECG with 3 printouts over a 3 minute period while in AF ( very mild and almost no symptoms )

The first one - NSR with short PR. Otherwise normal ECG

The second one - NSR . Nonspecific T wave abnormality -Unconfirmed Abnormal ECG

The third one - accelerated . Junctional rhythm ( no P waves found ) . Nonspecific ST and T wave abnormality - Unconfirmed Abnormal ECG

I had a catheter ablation 9months ago and take bisoprolol and warfarin

I am due to have a follow up appointment with the E.P. In June .

Does anyone know if the above is to be expected or will I need another ablation?

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The p wave is the little blip before the big spike which is the T wave. In AF the p wave is missing. Upside down T waves are ectopic beats usually.. Try not to worry about what may or may not happen. If you need it you will get it.


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Is there any site you could recommend where this pattern can be seen?


Thanks Bob for the explanation

I'm not worried ( seemed to have been on this journey for so long ,so been through every emotion ) now at the stage of being very interested. What I am particularly interested in is the Junctional rhythm.Is this another arrhythmia ? I have or had ,not sure which symptom belongs to which arrhythmia , AF ,AT and Flutter starting to feel very greedy if this is another one !


Are these printed diagnoses not just suggestions that the ECG machine is conjuring up each time from the rhythm it has recorded?


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