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I had a successful ablation 2 weeks ago , & have felt fine in my recovery, I was told to take a week off &rest up which I did , I went back to work 3 days ago & put my self on light duties ( I'm a plasterer) but yesterday & today I've had af symptoms again on& off and lasting over an hour at a time, I was told I may get some symptoms again but is this normal ?

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  • I think you are supposed too ignore things for a while as the heart has to recover- however, how light are the duties you mention- be careful not to overdo things

  • Hi Rosie ,to be honest there's nothing really light when involved with plastering but I was just setting a job up ready for Monday ( no heavy lifting though ) . I was in contact with the ward I was on yesterday and now have an appointment with the cardiologist on Tuesday, they did say most people suffer slight reacurences after an ablation for a while but mine was like I was back to were I was two years ago before I was put on meds. yesterdays attack was over 3 periods , early afternoon for around 2hours , early evening for around 3 hours and whilst I was asleep ( as it woke me up ) & went on for a few hours . All attacks seem to settle down once I've been to the loo several times which is where I was 18 months ago. The trouble is back then I was very anxious on what to eat and I had that feeling again this morning which is a shame . I'm 46 I don't smoke & I eat healthy a diet & I never have caffeine & im not really over weight and as my job keeps me fit . I've read so many stories & it's amazing how different peoples afb are

  • In my view you went back to work far to early but then when did I ever take my own advice? It takes at least three months for the heart to form the scar tissue which blocks the rogue impulses causing AF as I am sure you would have been told already and you will have events during that time. Just listen to your body and take it easy. Plastering is possibly the worst thing you can do as all that arm work will make your chest muscles work which may tend to move your already sensitive heart about and upset it . Suffering as I am from cracked ribs at present I am amazed every day at the things which make me hurt. Not medically trained of course but just an idea.

  • Hi bobd, thankyou for your reply , yes plastering isn't the easiest of jobs to go back to & I honestly thought I'd be ok after some time off as I felt really good ! . Although I didn't go hell for leather on my days back to work, I did take it easy in terms of what I was doing & it came as quit a shock to go back into full afib again , & yes now I realise how long this road of recovery is going to take, I'm looking forward to seeing the cardiogist in the week to discuss things .

    I fractured a couple of ribs some years back & I know how uncomfortable this can be. I hope you recovery well

  • You didn't mention meds. I was kept on flecainide for several weeks post ablation to help ensure calm heart.

  • Teach2learn

    That is interesting to know . I was on flecainide also but was told to stop taking them straight after my ablation and now I 've been put on rivaroxaban ! Did it help you being on tablets & how long for

  • I'm not sure if it helped or not because I didn't try going without until doc ended the was just automatic followup from ablation. I did end them myself about two weeks early, before my three-month checkup, as they make me so tired feeling, and I suspected, rightly, that any benefit by then may have expired. It's been over a year now since that second ablation and no meds (except apixaban, the anticoagulant) prescribed or needed. I can't say for certain, but I take lots of COQ10 I think may help.

  • Havent had ablation -trying to avoid surgical intervention. Wondering if magnesium supplement would help ,but had TIA due to A Fib & am on Eliquis anti coagulants

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