My INR reading went down to 1 because I had a colonoscopy last week and had to stop Warfarin for a week started Warfarin again last Thursday

Guess what, on Saturday night I kept going to the toilet after being able to eat food again after the procedure which was done because they thought I had a bleed, I haven't of course. I thought perhaps these loo runs were due to the MoviePrep still in my system. But no, it is the dreaded Norovirus! I have never been so ill in all my life and then yesterday AF with a vengeance for the whole day until last at night. Had to cancel my Clinic appointment because I am infectious so the nurse has arranged for me to have INR test tomorrow, and blood test as I have not been able to eat properly. Doctor has said if the virus continues I will have to be sent to Hospital, no I won't, I got it there in the first place! Now, my question is what foods can I eat which won't go through me like a dose of salts. Have tried dried toast, banana, poached eggs, any suggestions please will be more than welcome. I have stopped vomiting but have regurgitation, which is not pleasant. 2014 has not been a good year for me so far. I have got a wedding to go to on the 11th April and I am determined to be fit and well for that, just hope I don't get an AF episode.

Stay well everyone, it will take more than this to keep me down for long!


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  • So sorry to hear of your plight Di, it never rains but what it pours! Any type of 'binding food' is good, toast is a good idea. Try to keep off anything that sets off regurgitation. My husband swears by milk for upset tum especially to dampen that reflux. I would personally steer clear of bananas. Can you face bland cereals (not high fibre ones of course). I find your stomach gives you the answer, if you crave it or fancy it then it is likely to be what your system is asking for.

    Hope you soon feel better.



  • Thank you Dee, tried some milk, came straight up! Had clear soup, same. Just don't think my stomach is ready for food yet. Have had a bad day and AF again. Supposed to be going to the Clinic tomorrow to check INR, think they will have to come to me.

    Regards to you from rainy Cornwall


  • Hello Di,

    Sorry things aren't working for you. May be best to leave food alone right now and just ensure you drink and keep hydrated. Dehydration triggers AF so please ensure you keep your fluid intake up. Hope you can get a visit from clinic tomorrow.

    Cornwall is wonderful even in the rain, a lovely place to live. With regard to the wedding you will have put this virus behind you by then and have a great day.

    Hope you get a decent nights sleep.



  • Di.

    So sorry your feeing unwell. I do hope your better soon. Keep in touch.

    Take care.


  • Thank you for your good wishes Christo, had another bad day and now another episode of AF.

    Hope you are keeping well

    Best wishes from a rainy Truro


  • Hi Ang I think keeping hydrated to be more important than food for a while but my grandmother's remedy was sipping boiled water, hot as you can take it, every half hour until you feel better and then eggs which according to her were 'binding'. Worked for me.

  • No dairy at all, esp milk . Black tea with a little honey, plain boiled rice, boring I know, thin soup. I feel for you as the last time I was sick, food poisoning from an airline, I tore my throat in 2 places, known as a Malory tear wound up in hospital after vomiting blood , take care and rest up

  • Di when my tummy gets upset I find that drinking twinings lemon and ginger tea very good I've always got some in the house think I drink that more than ordinary tea now.x Hope you soon feel better sann

  • Ooh yes, stay off the food, it will just irritate your tim... Peppermint tea is all I will have when my stomach is in uproar. A little honey in it would give you energy... Hope you feel better soon! It sounds awful.

  • That is tum, not tim... I hate spellchecks! Irritate your Tim forsooth, whatever next...

  • Hi Eatsalottie.

    Are you using an ipad ? As I do and you have to watch what you type its not the same as my desktop in the study.

    Hope your well ? I have my blood test on Tue so we shall see.


  • Hi Christo!

    I've got a mac laptop, it's obviously just as much a nanny as the iPad... Does make me giggle sometimes, I try sending huggies to my daughter and it always turns them into buggies, she thinks I want to get her into an old fashioned coach-and-four! I am good hun thank you, fingers crossed for your blood test. I try to eat exactly the same things on the two days before the test, in the hope that that will keep the results the same :)


  • Bananas, sticky rice, grated apple left to go brown, toast. And any clear fluids but specially the carbonated drink with no additives (can't remember its name) or ginger ale, left to go flat. NO Milk or other dairy products, use rice milk if you have to with rice pops.

    You have all my sympathy, I had a bug courtesy of my grandchildren, they were ok in a few days, I still had reflux and IBS symptoms for weeks and had to change to the rice milk for a while, ugh! But it worked.

  • Possibly reason AF is back is that meds aren't being absorbed, hope you feel better soon


  • Thank you all for your help. At the moment I am drinking boiled water which seems to the best at the moment. I will try some of the foods suggested tomorrow and hopefully I will soon be on road to recovery. Not a pleasant way to lose 11lbs! AF still jumping away so am resting up some more.

    Bless you all for your good wishes, it is so comforting to be part of this community and to feel the care and understanding from everyone. I have got to get better for my Goddaughter's wedding on the 11th April and I will!


  • Whenever I get any gastric antics I make ginger tea with fresh ginger, grated or squeezed through a garlic press so you don't get any bits! It's never failed. A little honey maybe. Peppermint tea is also good.

    I really hope you feel better soon Di. Xx

  • Hello Di.

    We all care for you It's a good place to come if your fed up.

    Soon you will be feeling better, when you are just let us know, looking forward to a....

    Full report about April 11th please.


  • Thank you for that, Christo, it is really heart warming to know that people care as they understand what you are going through.

    April 11th is going to be great, a church wedding in Warfield and reception at the Savill Court Hotel on the edge of Windsor Great Park, it is going to be a three day event, so you see I just have to be fit for that! I will definitely report back on it.

    Take care and bless you


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