Hi, has anyone heard of vest(ECGI) that's used for cardiac mapping?

I've had afib for the last twenty years and have tried everything, including two ablations with absolutely no sucess, infact it got worse after the first. I'm now waiting for my third. Recently I've read about this vest and was woundering has anyone heard of it and is it used in Europe?

Wishing you all well..

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  • Not me sorry but sounds interesting beauty of this forum we hear of so many things that may benefit us.

  • Not me

  • Me neither but it does sound interesting...

  • Hi Doyle

    have you any web links or info about it?

  • Hi have had 5 ablations and on my last one they uses the vest. It's just like a giant sticky electrode in three peices that make up the waistcoat. They cost about a £1000 each and are use once only. It allows for a much more accurate mapping of your heart, as it's effectively the same as sticking on 500 electrodes. The operation was a big success, they found a previously unseen bridging point, and I recovered quickly. I felt brilliant for a month, but then went back into AF

  • Hi Doyle

    The BBC featured an article on the vest which can be found here:


    Kind regards


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