Very painful knee has anyone used Flexiseq

Went to the Dr yesterday as my knee was so painful and found it difficult to walk on Monday. I asked was flexiseq available on prescription but it's not, has anyone used this cream and did it help, its quite expensive but would be worth it if it worked. Dr give me coidene and a cream called axsain with no drugs but contains capsaicin from the chilli. It does seem to be helping a little as I slept last night, haven't taken the coidene as I don't like the warnings in the packet. Will resort to it if knee doesn't improve.

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  • Yes, I've used Flexisex and found it took away the stinging pain in my knee . I was quite impressed with it , although A bit dubious at first as it was rather pricey. I bought it when it was first launched and use it when I get a ' flare up', possibly three times a year . I can certainly recommend it.

    I also take codeine as necessary . ...useful to get a good nights sleep


  • Thanks Sandra, at present I am sitting with my leg up resting hoping that will help, good to hear a recommendation for Flexiseq, if this Axsain doesn't work I will buy some, Heather

  • Thanks Jo, I did as you suggested and found the reference on the forum exactly a year ago Heather

  • Have you tried PERNATON GEL - my Husband uses it and reckons it is a miracle cream - that too is quite expensive but you can get a great deal on Amazon especially if you use Subscribe and Save, good luck

  • Both my husband and I have used flexiseq and found it helpful we only use it when there is a flare up. If you should decide to take codeine you might find it makes you sleepy, it is also constipating so a good idea to take a laxative with it! These were always prescribed with codeine on the ward I worked on. Hope the flexiseq helps.

  • I've used it but found it no better than Ibuprofen , which is available on prescription.

    Cheapest price for Flexiseq was Lloyds Pharmacy . Same price both online and in store.

  • Thanks for reply Happy 77 but I can't use anything with ibuprofen as I am on anticoagulants.

  • I too am on anticoags - Wafarin - but Ibuprofen applied to my knees on irregular occasions does not affect my INR. What works for some ----''

  • Anyone with AF should avoid ibuprofen and all the others in the family of nsaids not just because of being on an anticoagulant as gemsmum rightly says.

  • I have used Flexiseq on my arthitic thumb joint and found it very good. I know that Lloyds chemists have done offers on the range so it is worth looking out for. I too can't take Ibuprofen or use the cream since I get unpleasant side affects. I take codeine for pain but only alternate nights as I don't want any problem of becoming dependant on it as happened when I was in my teens. I am now 7 5!

  • Thanks again for all replies, I will buy Flexiseq tomorrow as my knee is no better and also try co-codamol as a last resort if knee is no better by Monday. If the Flexiseq helps I will put report on forum.

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