why does my condition keep morphing into another one?

as in . i started out with af .then while they were doing ablation they found svt . and after a few attacks and going in and out of hospital .was put on waiting list . then after 6 months i had another ablation . and while they were doing that they found . atrial flutter . great eh ? or does it all come under the heading of afib ? and is this acommon thing ? funny when i woke up from op i thought thats it i should be ok now ....... so can i thank everyone for replies . and hope i find you all as well as i wanna be....... moggy

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  • If you feel like screaming I will join you for a duet and HEY stop being so greedy and save some of the good stuff for someone else. Seriously you must doing your head in with not knowing what is going to happen next. HUGS and hope you find some more strength from somewhere. You could have some of mind but I am all out. Hope to batter my GP into submission tomorrow and get to see and EP soon hopefully my repertoire will not increase any further. Hang on in there. Jan

  • thanks jan . dont let them fob you off . make sure you get to see ep .good luck..........moggy

  • thanks for the support you have enough on your plate without worrying about me. No doubt I will update everyone tomorrow at some point, I feel a novel coming on. I should count my blessings that I am not as bad as a lot of people on here. I must be in the minority wishing my heart would beat a bit faster, it is bad enough when it gets up to the speed of a normal person of course accompanied by palpitations etc etc, that bit I can do without. At least I am getting a lift tomorrow as brother down from Durham staying with my mum.

  • Hi moggdog, yes, mine's morphing but into what I haven't much idea. Feels like a bit of all sorts some times. But after a year of playing around, we've found some pills that take it all away (for now). If (when) they stop working I'm apparently going to have an EP Study to see what's what. All I know is my electrics don't work.

    I feel like asking for pace and ablate just to stop the suspense!


  • ye koll . pace and ablate sounds good to me mate. cheers......moggy

  • A hearty gin and tonic for me, please lol. Keep well :-)

  • Hi I know how you feel Moggdog. I started with what I am now told by me EP was Atrial Flutter, then AFib joined in and within the last two years SVT joined the party then I really knew what it felt like to be totally taken over by alien forces.

    I am my own one woman choir and an out of tune one at that. They all kick in together and put me in hospital for days on end. I hate it and it is ruining my life as it makes me so physically ill not to mention the mental distress and subsequent loss of confidence as I fear the next attack, which, as we all know, can kick in in the click of the fingers.

    Seeing EP again Friday and will see what he suggests. I have recently begun voluntary work at the hospital in order to give something back as everyone there has been so helpful to me. It is wonderful to be on the other side of the bed for once.

    If anyone said to me that this horrible condition is just a mild inconvenience and I am over exaggerating the symptoms I would literally kick them in the shins and would ask them to accompany me to hospital and see what the doctors see as they work like crazy to return me to sinus rhythm. They are in no doubt how bad my attacks are. Hate it, hate it, hate it !!

    One day they will find a solution for us all, so all we can do is hang on in there and get on with life in between episodes.

    Be well all.


  • good on you .for doing voluntary work . just giving your time is the best thing you can give .and hopefully taking your mind off it will help with the stress . good luck dee......moggy

  • I've had ectopic heartbeats for over 20 years and af for six months. SVT, endless hours of really severe ectopics and af several times a day rather than once a fortnight only started once I went on sotolol and stopped as soon as I was taken off it .I'm not saying that rhythm control drugs don't work because they work very well for some people but for others they can be pro arrhythmic .

  • hi kaka . i never thought your meds could ever make you worse . thought they might give you a few side effects . just goes to show how complex af can be ....... thanks moggy

  • I was diagnosed with AFib which I was told was an irregular irregularity in the left atrium whereas AFl is a regular irregularity which is in the right atrium. I had both. The ablation in Nov sorted the AFib but as the AFl stopped whilst EP ablated the left atria he didn't do the right so the AFl came back with a vengeance and I also developed other arrythmia so which actually made me worse than the AFib. Going in next week to have 2nd ablation to hopefully have those eliminated. Very disappointing when hopes are dashed, but was warned it may take more than 1 to sort.

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