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Bad days

Hi all

I didn't post here since a while , I used to manage my tachycardia attacks and ectopic beats in a better way , it is now part of my routine

I had a stressful day yesterday it ended with a bad attack of ectopics and short of breath which lasted for more a day

I felt better today but I'm having sever migraine today also and I'm in bed since few hours and a strong tachycardia attack waked me up now in the middle of the night

I'm sitting calmly awaiting my heart to calm down , I can notice clearly a strong relation between migraine and irrethemia , can't prevent it , I used to have it since I was a teen ager

Still awaiting my EP study appointment , it looks like they have long waiting list even in Cleveland clinic also , nothing else to do more than waiting .

My irrythemia is nearly daily even I'm on sotalol with a minor dose , doctor didn't recommend to increase the dose at all due to my low BP , and bradycardia some times.

Hope I can find a technique can help to stop these tachycardia which take around an hour and ends with chess pain , tightness , lightheaded , dizzy and short of breath , then fatigue for most of the time

Thank god it is not more than tachycardia , no flutter shows , only Acceptable VE within my recent holter reports which is improved due to sotalol as per my doctor input

Hope all of you are having better times away from this irrythemia action ;) , I reached a situation where if I stretch my body it trigger tachycardia even during sleeping time !

Triggers includes sudden action , panic due to loud noise , discussion with others , angry , carrying heavy things , pushing hard , anything need effort ! Un avoidable reasons , only heavy meals I can control it

My mom is sick and living far away about two hours of driving , I'm afraid to take the risk of visiting her in my case , this is really annoying can't live normal as others or plan for any activity or work commitment , I think you know what I mean

Hope I will have happy end for my daily suffering , wish you all the same


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Hi Maitha, sorry to hear you are so bad. I also had migraines and my EP says that are associated with a PFO, a hole in the heart which is entirely benign, but is clinically associated with migraines. On that basis you may well be correct in thinking there may be an association with AF, especially as you are so sensitive to triggers.

It is a lot to put up with and I do hope you find a way of staying as calm as possible to minimise the symptoms. xx


Hi Maitha, sending hugs, it sounds awful but it's good that you're managing to find ways to live with the AF, it's not easy I know and I can see it's interfering with your life, which is not good at all. I hope that the Cleveland clinic give you an appointment soon so that you can have a better idea of what's going on and hopefully get to a better situation. Lis x


Hi Maitha

LIke many other I don't know how to respond except to say that we are here for you, and you can shout, scream and yell at us anytime I promise you we understand.

Oh and take one of these even it is is only a cyber one




Hi Maitha, hugs from me also, I fully sympathise with you having lots of different symptoms and triggers, it is awful the way it has such a big impact on your daily life. If like me you try to do normal things you just know later that day you are going to pay for it and never know what you are in for as every time it is different. Hang on in there.


Oh Maitha things don't improve for you for long, so sorry. Hope you feel better in the coming days. Keep strong and take care.

Hurry up Cleveland clinic and get Maitha sorted.




Hi Maitha,

The major triggers for me are climbing stairs,walking too fast,social stress,eating large meals and then going walking, having too hot a shower.

These are more likely be triggers when I am tired.

When I have an attack of tachycardia I just sit down (regardless of where I am). Take very slow deep breaths filling the top part of my chest,close my eyes and just concentrate on my breathing (I block all thoughts which float into my mind)...


I also carry a small plastic syringe and blow as hard and as long for as I can.

Was given it from A/E dept. and told to carry it around and use it as described.

By blowing hard has an effects on the vagus nerve. It does work for me sometimes.

I have also found drinking ice cold water can take me back to normal rhythm

Was told to get myself an ambulance to A/E if the AF and trachycardia lasts more than 30 minutes or so

Kind regards


Hi Maitha,

So sorry to see that you are under so much stress right now and it is all converging to give you migraines and worsen your tachycardia. I hope you can find a way to manage your stress so that you feel better. Like the rest of the gang I am sending you hugs and good thoughts.


Thanks a lot for your kind support

We are unique I know , can't live normal like others

The impact on our lives is so strong , I can tell you a secret that I'm always trying to drive on the right side only so I can stop suddenly in case I got sever attack or I may not hurt others if I lost conscious

I always choose the right pajama LOL , which I can go to ER in case of emergency :(

I used to leave a sticker in my car with my husband phone number so In case I was found dead or un conscious others may know whom to call

Also copy of my latest medical report always in my handbag also

I feel I'm living at the edge , it is not easy and so stressful

Hope we all may find rest one day



I've lived with that all my life, the technique that works best for me is holding my breath. I've also tried lieing on the ground and pushing your legs against the wall. The shock of an icy cold shower can get rid of it and massaging the pulse points either side of your neck can work. It's horrible and I empathize with you. I take 80mg of sotalol twice daily. It can start for any reason, while asleep or just putting my shoes on! It can last seconds or hours and it can wear you down. Try to be positive and not to panic further when you get an attack. I find when I panic and cry during an attack it only makes the situation worse. You definitely need to take time out and let those around you know how you are feeling and what you're going through. A problem shared :-)


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