Will I need another ablation?

I had my 1st ablation over 8months ago.I very quickly improved although had lots of ectopics and bouts of AF approx every 4-6 weeks for about 6months, but nothing as horrendous as the ones I had before the ablation. I had a follow up appointment with the EP last month (after wearing an event monitor for a week which showed nothing ) and he was pleased with my progress so doesn't need to see me for 6months. Sod's law. 3am Sunday morning I woke to my heart racing at 140 bpm and then dropping down to 80 ish and then back up again etc. I normally have a resting pulse of 52. I've had AF on and off now for 36 hours ,although without the horrendous symptoms that I used to have.My question is should I put up with it until I see the EP in 6 months or should I get in touch with him ,there was mention of perhaps having another ablation in the future.

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  • It may have been tachycardia rather than AF and may perhaps not come back again but if you are worried why not write to your EP's secretary and explain what happened or if there is one at the hospital the arrhythmia nurse specialist.


  • Hi Bob

    Thanks for the quick reply.I did wonder if it was AT as well . The ablation I had ,was for that as well as AF and flutter ,so never quite sure which is which.What I've had this afternoon was an irregular pulse but only varying between 65 and 80.I wonder if both are back.


  • Hi Feejbee

    I had my PVI ablation about 9 weeks ago and apart from a few irregularities and some undiagnosed chest pain at 5 weeks, I did feel much better and more normal. However in the last few weeks the palpitations have returned with a vengeance, although I still feel good when they are not happening and don't have the symptoms that I had pre op, breathlessness, dizziness.

    I'm also drug free, and as I have n't had my post op review yet, I called my EP's secretary today and have an appointment in 2 days. Maybe I need to go back on the drugs or maybe they will need to tidy things up, as I too was told it may need a second ablation to sort things. I think you should give the secretary or specialist nurse a call, what ever it turns out to be, you need to know and hopefully get it sorted. Good luck

  • get in touch!

    I am not on anti coagulants but have been told to go the Hospital before 48h passes to be DCCV electro cardioconverted. after the 48 hours Of rapid AF you ARE AT higher risk for stroke. hope you get some relief soon

  • Snap Fi - I had my 2nd ablation last June and for over two weeks now have had a pulse constantly at 118-120. I'm booked for a cardioversion on the 12th of March. Since having the ablation I've had a few episodes of feeling really well but none of these lasted longer than 4-6 weeks. My periods of tachycardia have got much longer, but less severe. Like you I had appointments with both my cardiologist and EP when I was feeling really well. Then just over a week later my pulse flew up again. If I were you I would either contact your doctor and let the surgery do an ECG to see just what is happening, or better still contact the arrhythmia nurse at your main hospital. Don't put up with how you are now. Perhaps a cardioversion could put you back in rhythm. My arrhythmia nurse arranges for me to have mine without my having to see a doctor. Wishing you well.


  • Hi Jean

    We do seem to have followed a similar path although you are having a much rougher ride than me.I probably have given the wrong impression I am not constantly tachhy In fact only very occasionally ,it's like my heart just wants to show me who's in charge (always at the most in opportune moment) and the only way I can describe it ,it is like someone playing scales on a piano very fast up and down.This goes on intermittently for a few minutes to a few hours at a time.I think Bob is right and that is Atrial Tachycardia.At other times it seems to play random tunes beats all over the place which I think is the AF. Other occasions it plays a symphony and I get the lot together.Then it finishes and I can get some sleep. Ring any bells with anyone? I am not nearly as bad as before the ablation. I have a sneaking suspicion I might be heading that way though.


  • phone an ambulance mate .then hopefully the paramedic can catch it on ecg . make sure you get a copy aswell. because unless they get it on ecg . they tend not to believe you.

  • get back in touch with him to answer unanswered quiestions. not normal 140 bpm

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