have now stopped all af meds to make a af attack come on as advised by Cardio that was 17 days ago, feel strange at times like faint palpitations?and dizziness on occasion felt sort of absent feeling not sure if thats what it is but after having felt unwell for several hours i went to A&E sat and waited to be seen for two hours only for it to have worn off and be back in NSR, blood pressure was 159/96 this was monday night but not really getting strong palpitations just these faint ones, what else could this be?

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  • Typical, isn't it, when you want it to happen it won't! Sometimes I find the palpitations are quite faint, it is just that normally you're not so aware of them I guess... They do take all sorts of forms. I'm sorry they're making you feel ill in trying to have a look at your AF, that is really unfortunate...

  • Is it possible that the palpitations you feel could be ectopic beats? I have had a similar experience recently. I have paroxysmal af, two or three episodes a month. Unusually, they stopped at the beginning of Jan, only to be replaced by almost permanent ectopic beats. I know this because I have an app on my phone (AliveCor,) shows these ectopics when I get them, confirmed by my gp. Scarily, I worked out that I could be getting 300 an hour , as traces show five ectopics within a minute, and I feel them all day long. I actually have had an episode of af a couple of days ago. I knew I was asking for it by bragging how well it was all going....earlier post) :(

    Anyway, what I'm saying is that your faint palpitations could be ectopics, but I'm not an expert, you understand. Keep in touch, it's a good place to be, on this forum.

  • Thank you for your replies, yes i guess they could be ectopics as my cardio had said few years ago that was showing up, i get stronger palpitations but only lasting a few seconds at the moment, i have had a funny headache for a few days now also. oh well we shall wait and see.

  • Hi. Just asking are you on warfarin or some anticoagulant whilst all this is going on?

  • no nothing.

  • Hi lallym no i have not been on Aspirin for along time a fare few months.

  • If anyone has an answer for that one - I would be relieved. I would love to know how many peoples palpitations faint or strong (though NOT AF) just palps, whether they be ectopics or else are relieved through ablation. For those of us who have both documented PAF and "benign" but extremely bothersome palpitations they are both very disturbing to the quality of life.

    My question has always been, even if it doesn't show up on an ECG are we feeling something that isn't picked up but is electrical activity that is not psychosomatic, but underlying rhythms or electrical activity that ECGs don't pick up.

    Sorry for going on so, but I have tremendous compassion for your situation. I do so hope you find relief soon!

  • Thank you so much, and i too would like to know the answer, i'm having palpitations or funny feelings what ever you would like to call them, and a very dizzy/ swimming head. at the moment.

  • Sorry to hear this is dragging for you. Just one aside.... my doctor (who I'm told is one of the best) actually both cardiologists I've seen have agreed that I do not need anti-coagulants due to my CHADS vasc score. So there is not total consensus regarding anti-coagulants. Once again, try and follow your instincts, ask all the questions you need to feel comfortable, even if it means going back to A&E or calling an Arrhythmia Nurse. Take good care.

  • Thank yo have been told by cardiologist and A&E to get an ambulance next time.

  • Well there's your answer.... we need to accept help when we need answers... regardless of the outcome!

    All the best.

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