Ectopics? Or mini PAF episode?

Hi everyone - not posted for a while as things have generally been ok. The last week or so I've been getting what I think are Ectopics of some sort...they make me jolt or jump a little, like a thud in the chest. Arrhythmia Nurse thinks it shouldn't be anything to concern me although I feel 'odd' for a second or two afterwards. Thoughts/experiences anyone? I have Lone AF and am nearly 39. Male, fit and in good health otherwise.

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  • Hi Parco Ectopics are that thump which feels like a missed beat. I get them a lot even though I don;t now have AF (three ablations) . It is actually a small beat in the ventricle formed before the ventricle is filled so no blood gets pumped that beat. They can be very off-putting but I was told by a leading EP that they are a good sign that the heart is trying to go into AF and failing.


  • thanks Bob that is very reassuring - I get them occasionally since my stroke ( I have AF) and wondered what they were as my doctor was unable to tell me.

  • Bob, again, thanks mate...I agree. Isn't it more worrying/dangerous when you get them from the ventricles, rather than the atria?

  • Hi Parco I have had similar since being on medication for AF - I end up with ectopics quite regularly yep quite unnerving - Cardio consultant says they are nothing to worry about and are in his words 'benign' - interesting to hear what Bob says about the "heart is trying to go into AF and failing"


  • The thing about ectopics is that everybody gets them even perfectly healthy people. up to 200 a day I am told. The problem is we AFers are so tuned in to our hearts every whim that we notice more.


  • Bob - so true :) prior to knowing I has AF I actually just accepted and got used the sensations now I'm probably overly aware

  • Hi Parco

    I've gone from AF to ectopics. Without the drugs, I get them all the time, day and night. If a normal person gets 200 a day, I'm probably getting 200 an hour. I've had a small group that really stopped me in my tracks just the once, and also one night my ticker was shaking, that was scary but I'm still here. I say they're ectopics, the hospital has called them extra beats, but I'm in sinus.

    I've just been prescribed Disopyramide 250mg twice a day and (up until yesterday) my ectopics had completely disappeared. Just got a slight touch of them yesterday so asked my EP if I can increase the dose. It's so good not having them and also having a normal, strong pulse. Feel really good and fit at the moment.


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