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Does anyone know what local dental anaesthetic can be used safely with flecanide?

I am about to have dental surgery and will need local anaesthetic.Taking flecanide is a contraindications for administration of the family of lidnocaine drugs.My dentist says there alternatives he can use and I would like to check up on these before my next appointment.I probably need to ring my E.P. for advice but in the meantime I thought one of you guys may well have come a cross this before. X

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Hi Dedeottie - I can only say that I have had 3 lots of dental anaesthetics over the past 4 years and had no problems. I take Flecanaide, 100mg twice a day. Don't worry x


Thanks for that. You are on the same dose as me so that's really helpful. X


I rang the cardio consultant's secretary soon after going on Flecainide being an utter wimp at the dentist. ( I assume you saw the reference to lignocaine interactions on the flecainide data sheet) Got a prompt message back from the boss saying having local at dentist is not a problem so I didn't ask for anything special. I have just had two crowns together at the front and had an elephant's dose of local anaesthetic and was fine it was repeated a week later but less needed and still fine.

My dentist reassured me by saying their syringes stop if they hit a vein in error . ( Lignocaine for heart conditions is given intravenously in much much bigger doses). Apropos of nothing we used to give flecainide occasionally for severe nerve type pain, so that may be why my sciatica is less of a problem. I'm sure they've found something much better theses days for such pains. Also was told I might have jangly nerve pain after initial prep for crowns and had nothing. I'm sure you'll be fine



That's great. My mind is at rest! My dentist will be pleased he doesn't have to think about something else to give me. I might add that flecanide is a miracle drug for me so am glad I don't have to stop taking it. I am also a total wimp at the dentist! X


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