Does anyone know a good EP

Saw my GP yesterday. After reading all the posts I asked him about seeing an EP. He agreed as tests have shown that my heart is sound but it's the electrics that are not. However he sent me away to research for an EP as he didn't really know of any!!! He would then make me an appointment. I live on the Hampshire/Berkshire border and am wondering whether anyone knows of an EP they would recommend. I don't mind travelling within reason and would go privately if that's what it takes.

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  • Go to the main AF Association website and under patient information is a list of EPs by area.

  • That's what's so good about this forum. I'll check out the AF Association. thanks for the advice.

  • Mr Yue at Southampton General is who I saw. He comes highly recommended. His practice nurses are wonderful - if I have a problem, even though I have been discharged for now, I can ring them and they talk to him and phone me back. Service!!

  • That's great. Southampton is a good place to get to for me. Can I ask what treatment you had from him. Was it an ablation or diagnosis and treatment with medication. I really feel I'm starting down the ablation road so need an EP who specialises in that area. Thanks for your interest.

  • Dr Paul Roberts another EP at Southampton also very Good. Very approachable and good at explaining everything.

  • Thank you. Sounds like Southampton is the place to go.

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