AF Association

AFA Australia, Arrhythmia Alliance, AF Association

Thanks Bob, and everyone for some clarity on the confusion. Its so good to see some of you have not lost your sense of humour. I Googled all Australian sites mentioned above, they are apparently all affiliated, with the only difference (to me) being the logo at the bottom of their computer sites, which shows the Kangaroo. I am very interested in pursuing the Australian component mainly because of the lack of awareness and knowledge even by GPs and the general community in Australia. I was also aware of your face to face meetings with each other during your yearly conferences. It does not suggest any separation between AF and SVT on any of the sites, if it did I would be in trouble as mine is both, but the medical profession seem to keep their eye on SVT more. Yes Bob it was 2012 when they started up here, I cant see any startling results at the moment as the information is mainly through one State (Queensland). I will repeat my original post on this site, as maybe others might have a comment or two. Sorry to have caused such a stir, Ultramarine


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