AFA Patients' Day - great source of information especially if you're new to AF

Hi everyone,

I've mentioned the AF Association's Patients' Day a few times in my posts, especially for people who are new to AF. Having just booked to go this year, I thought it might help to put the link in the forum in case people haven't seen it:

I can't recommend it highly enough - last year's did a lot to build confidence for both me and my husband, plus it was lovely to meet people.

Hope to see you there!


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  • And if you are staying over Saturday night don't forget the Pink Carnation Supper. PM me if you wish to join us.


  • I have just sent off my ticket. It looks to be an interesting day.x

  • I'm thinking of going but will have to come on the Saturday and stay overnight in a hotel.

    Do you know of any in the vicinity? And how's the parking at the venue please?

  • Hyatt Regency, Bridge street is where I stay (there is a foot bridge to ICC) and where the supper will take place but there is also a Premier Inn near

    Bridge Street as well. There is little parking at ICC or any of the hotels but a public multi story one about ten mins walk away . Down Bridge Street and turn left at the bottom.

    I have a spare bed if anybody is interested.


  • Thanks Bob, very helpful. I won't take you up on the bed offer though!!!

    I haven't booked the conference yet so need to get my act together.

    Do you know if the hotel gets fully booked quickly?

  • Have booked in at the Hyatt Bob.

  • Great-- will put your name on my list.

  • Thank you. Just need to book in at the conference now. Waiting for my AFA membership to come through then I will get the discount!!

  • It seems like all of you are in Great Britain and that these get togethers are all there and look wonderful I the only American on this site?? Lol.....cannot be. I would love some get together so here in southeast USA where I'm from. Afib is such a lonely experience that terrifies with symptoms and then waiting for symptoms. Can anyone talk about exercise and the benefits for it in the fight against afib. I had my ablation week ago and was told to start walking. I am afraid that ANYTHING I do could bring it on. I was doing very very strenuous exercising when the afib started and blame myself for not knowing my limits and pushing myself setting myself up for afib to rear its ugly head.

  • Up at the top here there's a downwards arrow by your name and the pull down menu includes 'People near me'. I've four within 20 miles but we have never made an attempt to meet up!

    I've a treadmill and went carefully after my ablation starting on the flat and increasing speed, distance and elevation in turn each day. Easy to be in control.

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