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Hi everyone, I am on holiday in Australia and am thinking of may be moving here as one of my daughters is here and the other one thinking of moving too. I am married to a NZ citizen so it would be possible. As I have AF just wondered what the treatment is like in Sydney. Is there anyone on this site from Aiustralia? I had an ablation 2 years ago in London but do still get episodes now and again. Thank you :) Bella

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  • Hi Kiwi2,

    I'm from Sydney but back in the day when I lived there I was AF free so my info is somewhat dated. Royal North Shore Hospital and/or Westmead Hospital would I imagine be the two main centres. When I visit Sydney these days they are the two phone numbers I carry in my wallet - just in case.

    What I suggest you do is go onto the Atrial Fibrillation Association Website and find the link to Atrial Fibrillation Association Australia Facebook Page. Better still just get onto Facebook and join the Atrial Fibrillation Association Australia Group and ask around. Heaps of knowledgeable sufferers on there.

    Good luck,


  • Thanks John, shall do that :)

  • I live in Perth wa and have AF I have had excellent treatment and talk to many others Australia wide go to the atrial fibrilation site on face book lots of information

  • Thanks Mazza23, shall do.

  • I live in Melbourne (though born in NZ), and can't compare with elsewhere, but believe I receive excellent treatment. There's no reason why Sydney wouldn't also be excellent, though I do think that having the right doctor is important. The Aussie Facebook AF page is here -

  • I'm from Brisbane and have excellent treatment as well. If I have a problem I email my doctor and always get a reply the same day. I've only once had to go to emergency and everything was on tap. I've noticed people in the U.K. say they are lucky. I think we are too.

  • Sydney has many many dozens of outstanding electrophysiologists and cardiologists who specialize in AF. There are no "centres" anymore - every major hospital has top of the line facilities for treating AF. There are just too many specialists to pick names. Once you know the area where you'll be living, I (and others) can give you recommendations for top cardiologists and electrophysiologists in that specific area, whether they work out Royal North Shore, St Vincent's, Concord, Westmead, Prince of Wales, Royal Prince Alfred ...

  • I wouldn't. Jeremy Corbin has just announced plans to hold a referendum for the UK to leave the Commonwealth.

  • Hi Bella what an exciting new life in prospect for you. Go for it, wish I had the same opportunity.

    I have a relative in Sydney who had an ablation there some years ago after suffering awful af symptoms and has been perfectly free from af ever since.

  • Hello there Kiwi2 you have received positive replies so far, but I need to warn you if you intend to live in a Regional Centre, this was not so positive for me, with no information and no knowledge from my local hospital given to me, the underlying message I got was it was not so serious as a structural heart issue, and there was no arrhythmia nurses to lesson the worry. This was 5 years ago, and I must say the major hospitals in Sydney Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane were set up to receive people who were referred to them. So it depends on the location, and the interest of health professionals. The location where I am is so beautiful that I never intend to leave here, its the best place I have ever lived, but it is a vast country. I have recently flown to Sydney for an ablation which was performed with excellence and I have been lucky to have no further arrhythmias.

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