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Palpatations lasting nearly 24 hours yesterday to varying degrees. Kept calm, woke up this morning and all is good. Could be linked to previous day's mildly strennuous exercise, but didn't awake with symptoms...they came on mid morning following 3 mugs of coffee.. Weird. No coffee today! Got first meeting with cardiologist in 9 days and following heart scan, the only thing found was a slight thickening of one valve. Those palpatations are not nice!

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Hi Hazel, is your coffee decaf? Caffeine would set me off, especially 3 mugs.




Hi Hazel - I'm glad you're feeling better. Do your palpitations leave you feeling drained? Like Koll three mugs of coffee containing caffeine would set me off too. I always have decaf. Gosh I feel like 'old goody two shoes'.

Best wishes



Thanks Jean, Koll & rosyG. Must admit, whole episode very scary...stupid I know but was waiting for the ultimate pain in chest. Stupid. Awaiting first meeting with cardiologist on 27th. Stay well! Thanks.


I had had a lot of caffeine in diet coke when AF started very vigorously. Now have stopped all caffeine and much milder episodes now.


Coffee , I believe can trigger attacks; de-caff only is the best way !!


Decaf coffee is really nice I have found, smoother than 'caff' coffee so I'm happy not to have it. Caffeine is one thing I can guarantee will set me off, but you can get decaf tea and soft drinks and anything you want nowadays...


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