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Hi, sorry it's me again. I have posted before about palpatations and ectopic beats and you have all so kindly told me this is a normal part of the healing process after ablation (22 days ago). Today I have had really strong palpatations and constant ectopic beats all day and it's very scary. Can you get ectopics and strong palpitations all day and this is normal. I am so scared I'm going to either have a heart attack or my heart is going to stop. Any reassurance would be most most welcome.

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Please try not to worry too much it is quite common.

Heart attacks are not known to be associated with either ectopics or AF.

However I can understand your worry I have been there.

If you need more qualified advice I strongly recommend you contact your EP or if not your rhythm management team.



Thank you. I can usually be rational but with having them all day didn't know if this was normal. 😩 But now I know it is I feel much better.


My EP has said quite catagorically that anxiety doesn’t help.

However it is so easy to say stop worrying but enormously difficult to do just that.

If it is any comfort your description of your symptoms (the horrible feeling in the throat) is exactly what happens to me. I cannot resist taking my pulse and for months I have always found it to be in NSR.

But if you really feel other symptoms and feel very unwell seek medical advice.


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Thanks. No I don't feel unwell at all just the horrible feeling in my throat. Think I'm just thinking about it all the time need to distract myself. Thank you Pete. Xx


What exactly do you mean by palpitations? To a doctor the word means an abnormal awareness of the heart beating. Is your HB regular but very noticeable? How fast is it? I am not asking to be awkward but to get an accurate picture of what is happening. However I think (only from experience) that your heart is a bit irritated by something and your (natural) anxiety is making it worse. As long as you don't have chest pain or feel dizzy or very unwell generally I don't think you are in any danger at all but if you feel very ill then you should certainly seek MEDICAL help. I know this is a really scary time and ectopics are horrible, before I knew what they were I was convinced my heart was going to stop sometime 😰 But when my heart really was in trouble it felt quite different.

I hope that helps but if you feel anxious you should try to get in touch with someone from your heart team if possible rather than worrying 💖


Hi, heart is regular I just feel the sensation in my throat of the missed beat. When I feel my pulse it's regular but with ectopics. Xx



I had an ablation 14 days ago.

10 days no issue, in fact wonderful. - On the 10th day the funny throat feelings but no other symptoms - then the day after, just after rising BANG! - feels like a bag of ferrets in my chest! (is this your palpitations/ectopics? - I never had them like this before!)

I left it a day then went to A&E. This is partly as my blood pressure is also jumping all over the place, quite high to low at different periods which was concerning me. (both outside my "normal" range, which is quite wide anyway).

I also do not really feel ill but can get a bit breathless on occasion - and I do not feel "normal" . (whatever that is after 2.5 years with P - AFIB!)

I have been told that I have atrial flutter which I have not had previously, but that this is just what can happen after ablation. It should be temporary.

it is still ongoing with me but varies with intensity from next to nothing to "full ferrett"

I have had my flecainide dose doubled to 100 Mg short term to prevent the possibility of going into full blown AFIB (I think.)

I am not really worried now, although I am obviously not ecstatic with developments either . However I am treating this as merely a setback and I am still looking forward to getting off meds at some point - may be a few weeks later than I hoped now!

This is me, not you - it appears similar symptoms from what you have said, but I cannot tell.

I suggest if you are even slightly worried then go to A&E and get everything recorded/considered by a professional. it is not a waste of time for anyone - you (if you are not worried after). or the medical people - it is their job!

Best wishes


Thank you. Yes as you describe that was my feeling yesterday. So far today nothing. (Fingers crossed) I do not feel ill in any other way. I think it's the old saying time is a healer and this is what I can expect for the first 3 months. Fingers crossed for both of us that we will be tablet free one day and get on with our lives. Good luck. Xxx


After my ablation the palpitations settled down, but I still have them and take meds every day. As far as the ectopics, I had them and after the ablation I had them less , but stronger. For these my EP says that nothing can be done and that everyone gets them, but I wonder how bad do they get them? Take care. Dave x

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Thanks for the reply. I have hardly had any today. Think it's a case of day to day with this awful illness. 😩


Well i can have ectopics on and all day and at night , i forgot my beta blocker yesterday and my Heart rate this morning was 95 ! i know im unwell at mo with stomach upset too so dont know if that made it shoot this high are you on a beta blocker ?


Yes I'm on a beta blocker. They have been ok today. Think it's a case of take each day at a time. Xx thank you for the response.


Are you taking magnesium? It stopped (or reduced) my palpitations very effectively. (ps i am not saying mg stops a-fib or ectopic beats, but certainly helps with some side effects)


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