hello Af suvivor who has found her way from Yahoo to here

hello  Af suvivor  who has found her way from Yahoo to here

Hi I am kirsten I live in Lincolnshire and my stories are all on the afa web site under diaries My married name was millinson so look under that I wrote abook about af for children to explain what I went through to my four children I have tablets Ablalation and loads more so if you need abit of support and love just give us a shout

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  • Well done.

  • Welcome Kirsten, you will be a valued addition to our community, I have read many of your excellent posts on the Yahoo forum, I know you will add value here.

    Great to have you


  • Glad you are back Sweetheart.


  • Hi Kirsten, I migrated a few months back as was having problems with yahoo and hacked accounts. Good to see you on the other side!!☺☺☺

  • im glad to have come over to the dark side xxx

  • Hi Kirsten,

    Looking forward to reading your book! And to hearing from you in the forum.


  • Hi Kirsten - nice to hear from you. I first heard of the AFA when a friend passed on to me the publication of your AF problems in the Daily Mail, so i am very grateful for that ! That first article alone was responsible I believe for increasing membership of the AFA very considerably . Hope everything is going well for you now..


  • bless you sat here with my heart doing afew extra beats, you make me realise how far Ive come too much love xxxx

  • hi Kirsten

    good to see you again

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