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Hi to all

Just to introduce myself. I've been looking thru the posts and read a lot of stuff which I recognise.

I was diagnosed with AF in 1998, and went for years in drug rate control, until I had ablation 21/2 years ago, probably many years later than I should have done. I was in sinus for 6 months, and then symptoms, flutter showed 200 + and I had another ablation then. I was in sinus for 1 year, but over the last year symptoms of AF have reappeared, infrequently. Lately quite often. Becos it's not frequent, (but too frequent for me) no ablation is forthcoming. I am back on drug therapy with bisoprolol and this week, Propafenone. And warfarin (which I have always been on.

Over this period of time my life slowed down to a crawl. Post ablation began a new life boost, but at this point looks a little bleak.

For info sake I always had a high rhythm rate when in AF or SVT or Flutter which was near 200 or over.

I wish you all the best in your endeavor, and my only advice at this point is DON'T PANIC, regardless how bad things get.

This is a very short version of events.

Now that I'm on the site I shall be checking in often



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Good to read that PIP and welcome.



Hi pip welcome,Like I keep saying the more you think about it the worse it seems to get.Good luck for the future things will get better.argzxoni61


Hello Pip and welcome. Being able to access this site and speak to others has been fantastic for me. Although I've had AF for probably 20 years, I knew almost nothing about it till I joined a few months ago. I think you said you'd had an ablation but AF is coming back, that's normal as far as I know. That's certainly what my EP said. An ablation isn't a permanent cure (although it can be I've heard it said), it's to be considered as part of an on-going treatment. My 1st ablation worked for nearly a decade, now AF, or some sort of arrhythmia, is slowly coming back, so will be going for my 3rd soon hopefully (2nd didn't do anything because my AF had disappeared). Think I'm going to be booked in for an EP Study first, whatever one of those is?

I hate drugs generally, but Propafenone worked really well for me.

Keep us in touch.

Best wishes Koll


Having an ablation for me was long coming, only when all else failed. I was told that it probably wouldn't help / work by the Cardiologist at that time. Altho the EP thought otherwise. However I was put forward for an ablation some years ago but it was stalled by a change of Cardiologists in the hospital who didn't think it would help. They only did it as a chancer, and I didn't think anything would happen, but hey presto ! Even tho the AF has returned things are a lot better for me now, and the AF isn't anything as awful as it once was. However the EP did have the cure on his lips quite often.


Hi Pip and welcome. I'm glad to hear that your ablation helped. This site is great for support and advice. It's so reassuring to talk to other people who understand your condition and how you're feeling. Look forward to hearing more from you.



You're right. Very supportive. Sorry I haven't been here earlier. Never too late.


Hi Pip, welcome to the site. It is great for being able to share our experiences and thereby helping others and gaining helpful advice.



Welcome pip

Similar experience here , i was not aware about this problem till I was diagnosed two years back , it is helping me a lot to know that I'm not alone in this

Hope they will got effective treatment to end our suffering soon , I looks like ablation is solving the problem for limited time only

I had mine four months ago and stopped atrial flutter but I'm having frequent SVT now along with new serious problem VT which I was not aware of earlier

Wish everybody healthy life



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