Over it

After spending another 2 days in hospital I am sitting writing this with my ticker carrying on like had just run a marathon. Have just taken my daily dose of drugs to make my head feel crap for the rest of the day. Bad news when I have to try to run my own home business, my only source of income.

I know the drugs are stopping my ticker from getting to dangerous levels otherwise I'd refuse them.

The one thing keeping me going - roll on the 4th dec ( my cryo date)

Only 5 days but who's counting.

Trying to remain focussed and positive.


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  • Oh Brian, what a hassle this AF business is. Good luck for your cryo. Hope you can get some sleep tonight and your ticker gives you some peace. Night night. Dee.

  • sorry to hear you are having a bad time, Hope you sleep well.

  • Good luck Brian! Now 7 days post op and no problems so far!


  • I feel for you - I'm self-employed, and it's a huge worry. But the cryo isn't long and fingers crossed, that should really help a lot. Take care and good luck.


  • Ditto I'm self-employed (farmer), working by myself 95% of the time. Having to take things slow and easy, but at least I haven't anyone to answer to :-) . Good luck with the op.

  • Really feel for you Brian. Will you have your cryo at the same hospital as you are now? Wishing you well again.


  • I have a friend who has had very many health problems involving pancreas, gallstones, IBS and both knee replacements. She has recently been diagnosed with AF. I thought her description of her condition was very apt. She said "It suddenly started and I have never felt so ill in all my life." She is now more sympathetic when I'm having problems!

    I wish you a speedy return to normality and I hope that you're getting the sympathy and understanding that you deserve.

  • when my heart switches from normal rhythm to fast AF a few seconds when I think I am going to collapse, I don't but I feel awful, I think my blood pressure drops and I fear the worst. I have had tachycardia since having my tonsils out around 1947. I have been carried off brighton beach, out of shopping centres and off tennis courts. Nothing was done in those days, thankfully it is now recognised and controlled, but I always carry the fear with me. The positive side of this is I am now 79 and I am still here.cavendish10

  • Good luck Brian, stay positive, We are all rooting for you. Cavendish10

  • Big day tomorrow - looking forward to it

  • Will be thinking of you and waiting for your first post afterwards. Best wishes.


  • Thinking of you.x

  • Really wish you luck and hope all goes well and successful outcome. I had ablation almost 4 weeks ago and it was fine and now I am beginning to think may have been successful. Had lots of erratic beats and long bouts of AF/flutters but becoming rarer. So be positive but don't get up set if you are getting odd beats etc as it takes a while to settle down. All the best. Marie

  • Thanks Mariw

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