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Bisoprolol to proprananol 😣

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Hi, was on proprananol successfully for 13 years but my cardiologist took me off them last year and I have been on bisoprolol since, this is for SVT and ectopics. Had a rubbish time on bisoprolol. Had ups and downs and couldn't seem to find any happy medium until recently when things have settled down. Well, I had a tablet review with my GP last week and she put me back on proprananol (low dose 30mg) after I told her of my ongoing side effects, well I ended up in A and E by the evening. My ticker was not happy with the switch and my ectopics was back with avengance. They told me to go back to bisoprolol the next day. Well I feel I have taken a massive step backwards and after 2 days back on bisoprolol my ticker is not a happy chap. Seems to have totally up skittled it and I am gutted. I wanted to try my old tablets again in hope I could eliminate the tiredness and breathlessness but I really wish I left well alone. Feel very depressed as my ectopics were fine and now I have gone backwards again. Any words of wisdom people, I need a hug lol.

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Some people here seem to have been able to stop bisoprolol straight off. Many others report that they got withdrawal symptoms like ectopics and anxiety when they did that.

If you want to go back on propranolol, your gp could advise about tapering off the bisoprolol, perhaps over several weeks, and introducing a small dose of the propranolol.

Hi thanks. I can't taper off my bisoprolol too much as my ticker goes mad and my SVT starts up. It's a difficult one.

Virtual hug on its way. I have just come off if bisoprolol 5mg placed on propanalol and still got loads of ectopices 80mg x 5. I don't feel so tired on propanalol but wondering why it is really not holding. Also wonder why my bisoprolol wasn't increased. However I did tell the consultant I was stressed and he said propanalol works on the brain and helps anxiety. Seemingly bisoprolol doesn't. I am not a medic but maybe the propanalol was helping your anxiety. So sorry you are feeling as you do. This is a pretty awful complaint and difficult to stay positive. Have you tried mindfulness I have but it needs to be a daily commitment which I am going to start back into today. This site is a game changer so many wonderful people offering support and where can we get that at 6.30 am. Take care Chris

Hi Chris thanks. Proprananol definately helps anxiety and stress which I think is why I struggled when I came off originally. I take anxiety tablets as well now. I rattle as I walk lol.

May I ask do you af also what tablets do you take for anxiety. C

Hi no I do not have AF that I know of. SVT and ectopics. I stubbled across this website ages ago and there were lots of people who suffered ectopics so I pitched my tent on this forum and it has been great. I probably should have joined an ectopics forum if there is one? But nice bunch on here. I take sertraline for anxiety although I found escitralapram was better. But again they took me off it as it can cause arithmyias? I was great on propranaol and escitralapram until they swoped me! Why oh why!!!

Hi. I agree with oyster about coming off Bisoprolol slowly then introducing Propranolol gradually. It’s probably worth trying again as you are not happy on Bisoprolol. Good luck.

Apparently you don't need to ween off beta blockers if they are the same. You can swop straight away which is what I did when 1st changing. However, bisoprolol is cardioselective and proprananol is not so I think the difference was too much. Plus my dose was ridiculously low. No wonder my ticker went mad.

Suzy1954 in reply to Bmwpaul1971

I changed recently and my GP said no need to wean off just start the new ones tonight. I then told him I’d been reducing Bisoprolol gradually anyway. I feel much more like my old self on Atenolol even if I do still struggle with breathlessness going up hills or stairs. I am watching what I eat as both these beta blockers can increase weight.

Gosh reading this perhaps that is what happen to me. More settled today.


Must admit I have been on Proprananol and other pills but Bisoprolol has proved to be more efficient in doing what it's meant to do over the four years I have taken it. I take 10mgs in the morning and 5mgs at night with Amitriptyline 90mgs for sleep. Too, I take a strong medication for severe arthritic pain and honestly my heart ticks away fine with my Blood Pressure 110/60.............and could not feel better..

Bmwpaul1971 in reply to Stobban

Hi, I thought 10mgs was the max you should take of bisoporolol?

No, 20mgs is the max, but that's normally prescribed by the cardiologist and not the GP.

Bmwpaul1971 in reply to Stobban

Hi 20mg is that in the uk?

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