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Two months after ablation

As most of you aware I had my ablation two months back and I'm lucky since didn't have any flutter till now

But I'm having frequent SVT for minutes to one hour 4-7 times a week even I'm using sotalol twice daily

My question is there any chance that it may stop without going through another ablation ? As I read ablation recovery may take few months

Any similar experience , advise or feedback ?

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Hello Maitha -- Do you actually know for sure that you are having SVT attacks ? I was wondering whether you are in fact having A/ flutter . I have suffered greatly with A/ flutter & some medics were unable to identify it correctly . I had an ablation for flutter back in April which gave me my life back.



Yes dear, I'm sure , but unfortunately SVT symptoms are not that far from the flutter one

All EKG during my visits to ER showing the same junctional tachycardia

I'm happy to here that you are free of flutter at last

All the best


Hi Maitha,

Its always adviseable to get any changes checked out by an EP in case any action is necessary such as changing your drug type or dose. But you're still in the recovery phase, and it can be a bit of a roller coastr ride until things settle down so you have to be patient even though it can be difficult. The EPs may tell you it takes 6 weeks, or 3 months, to settle down but the experience of many of us on here is that it can take 6 months to a year to fully settle and stop changing.


Thank you for your kind reply

Actually my EP is not giving me any hope , he told me since it had been a month after first ablation he is not expecting it to stop without second ablation

Maybe he knows more details

You gave me hope , I'm willing to wait more time rather than going through another ablation soon which I'm afraid of it



Sorry to hear you're still having problems but hope you feel better soon and that everything settles down with a little more time.


Thank you Sabina

Hope so


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