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hi afers . is anyone else waiting on atos??? my thirteen week period was up 6 weeks ago. and i havent heard from them yet?????

does anyone believe we get postcode treatment ? oh im from bristol by the way . when i first went to my doctor .after being in hospital with af .he told me i had a slight electricle problem im my heart .and to carry on as normal. wot a knob

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Can't comment on postcode treatment but we are definitely at the mercy of the expertise, interests and open mindedness of our doctors. I had some really bad experiences with my doctors in lancashire but have some fab treatment from doctors in south Wales. However, waiting lists for cardiology seem longer in south Wales so I can't win! I was given the impression that A.F. was a minor inconvenience in lancashire but 3 TIAs later the same doctor changed his opinion and finally prescribed warfarin for me. Good luck.x


Well I wouldn't put too much faith in the ATOS bandwagon if I were you. I'm also from the West Country and my ATOS " medical " was performed by an alleged doctor, Bristol based, who certainly new nothing about AF/SVT, thought my 24 hour monitor was a blood pressure machine, and despite my also having arthritis in my hips and had had a brain tumour removed a couple of years ago, was only interested in the fact I had a bus stop nearby, could touch my nose with my index finger, and this is the point I told her to go away (using a stronger phrase I might add ), told me if I could get to the supermarket I should use a supermarket trolly as a walking aid. Needless to say my claim for renewal of the mobility allowance was turned down. I realise I cut my nose off to spite my face, probably, but I'm sick of feeling like I'm begging for help from these people despite having contributed,( ex regular Army and never been out of work), for fifty odd years.

Sorry about rant but the very mention of ATOS certainly keeps my Afib cooking!

Good luck.


If they have exceeded the stated time, even by 1day, then you need to contact them and express your dis-satisfaction. As a rule of thumb " he who shouts loudest gets the most attention."


I am waiting to be assessed too. Haven't counted the weeks but it's ages. The mention of ATOS infuriates me and my heart too! I'm in London area...

Hope you hear soon and it's good news. But from what I know it's all rather a lottery.



hi i just been waiting nearly4 months and my atos report only went back to dwp last week and then they said i will have another 3 weeks so in total in will be 5months i have waitied it is a big joke


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