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Hi all

i had my afib catheter ablation opp 3 weeks ago everything is ok when im plodding about the house ,but when i do anything like playing with my dog or go up and down the stairs my chest tightens then fluttering feeling then head ache blurred vision and start shaking im 53 years old and a little over weight so i know this is not helping. Im still off work because im a hgv driver and to be honest a little scared to go back to work do to feeling this way

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Sorry to say this but DVLA will not let you work right now anyway and you must advise them. You need to see a specialists and get a proper treatment plan sorted out.

Since you admit to being overweight this is a good thing to start addressing now as research has shown that getting your BMI down below 25 has beneficial results with reducing AF burden.

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thanks bob i know about dvla its 6 weeks and yep im on a diet now, was just trying to find out if what im feeling is norm


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There is no norm with AF but you'll find someone else finds it much the same as you do. There are many ways forward - including lifestyle changes which can have many positive effects - so do not feel things will always be as they are now.

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thank you

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There's no norm after an ablation either! Some find improvement continues for many months afterwards and others appear to make less long term progress because they seem to do quite well from the start.


You need to talk to your cardiologist or gp and tell them how your feeling .

You will find a lot of help on this site ,people with similar symptoms with a combination drugs, surgical intervention and methods to try and combat af.

I really hope you find the solution that suits you .

Hi i had the catheter ablation opperation 3 weeks ago

If you've had an ablation it can take 3 to 6 months before the scar tissue forms from the procedure and only then will you feel the full benefit. I had my ablation 2 weeks ago today and I have palpatations just walking in the house sometimes. I'm just taking it easy and listening to my body. If in doubt ring the rythym nurse where you had the procedure done and they will advise you. I'm a HGV driver too 👍

Thanks for that, Hope you recover soon as well


Migraine with visual problems can occur for a while after ablation apparently. There is a post ablation information sheet on this site.

Hi, if you look to the right of the posts you should see a purple spot (that's what I've got anyway) Recovering from an Ablation which should lead to a useful explanation of what you can generally expect. Many people experience tight chest and sometimes cough as well for some time afterwards. Unfortunately an ablation does not work like magic to make you the person you were before AF but hopefully if you look after yourself you should make a good recovery in time. Best wishes to you and the dog!

Maybe you are just doing too much too soon, you are supposed to be doing light gentle movements. X

Take it easy. Just cos you can’t see it doesn’t mean it wasn’t major! Takes a few months for things to settle.

Wishing you well and take it easy. My husband has to wait until February to see if they will do an ablation. They want him to loose but if weight first, but he’s struggling a I’m sure mess are not helping. Very interested in the HGV issue. DVLA took his licence away last year when he was diagnosed and said he can re apply when 3 months clear of symptoms. 3 cardio versions later and still no better, so hence hasn’t worked for a year now. He hasn’t driven a car either as doesn’t feel confident with attack’s striking as you know out of the blue. So my question is did Dvla not suspend your licence before ? Wondering if we have been mis informed 🤔😪

Congratulations on getting the diet started. If you can work in some steady regular exercise, nothing too exciting to start with, just 20 minutes walking, twice a day on a reasonably flat path , slowly but surely your fitness will improve. As your stamina improves you can extend the time you spend and it will help get your weight down.

You may find it useful to check with your doctor regarding cardiac recovery programs run in conjunction with the local hospital/leisure centre. They are usually gentle circuit training routines and do make a difference, and they will slot you in when they think you are ready.

Thank you everbody for all the advice and help,

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