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Serves me right, I was speaking to soon .For those who have read anything I have written over the last few days will know I have been free

of AF for over 3 weeks. Its 1.30 in the morning and it's back with avengence ! I'm seeing my EP on Thursday for my 3 month post ablation check and had hoped to say I was free of it. I know I'm still at the early stage of healing but it's still disappointing.Although I feel quite bad at the moment and it's always worse and more frightening in the middle of the night, it's still not nearly as bad as it was prior to the ablation. It's nice to be able to put pen to paper , or rather fingers to keyboard , and know there are others out there that know what I'm talking about.

Hoping it'll all settle down , I'm supposed to be going on holiday to France on Tuesday.

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Sorry the above should have been a post not a question.



Hope you are better now

So sorry to hear about your suffering which I know it very good , but as you said it is maybe early to judge the ablation successful

EP doctor clarify to me early that one ablation maybe not enough sometimes

Please try to relax , anxiety will make it worse and will not solve this issue

Hard to say than do I know , last time I was crying as a baby in the ER coz of similar situation last week

Just a question are you sure it is a flutter? Since I had similar case after my ablation with same symptoms but it shows on EKG as sinus rhythm but very fast and they call it tachycardia !and EP told me it is expected in some cases after ablation and no need to worry since it is not bad as the flutter and will stop within recovery period

Keep us posted , praying for you to feel better



Hi Fi,

So sorry to read your post .Hope you'll soon be feeling better. It's fortunate that you are seeing your EP this week. Hope you can still enjoy your holiday in France next week.

Take care



Oh Fi - What a pain for you. Has your heart gone back into normal sinus rhythm now? I should have my 3 month check up in a few weeks. I've had 2 occasions of it racing since my ablation, one which lasted 2 days 3 weeks ago (wore me out) and another for around just 15 minutes a week ago. Fortunately during these episodes my pulse didn't go quite as high as before I had the ablation.

At least your AF attack is this week and not next, when it could have spoilt your holiday plans.

I would be interested to hear what your EP has to say on Thursday.

Thinking of you.



Hello Fi, Note I avoided Hi Fi, I bet you get fed up with that joke! As has been said above it is still early days and sometimes it is difficult to tell the difference between AF and clusters of ectopics or tachycardia. Try to relax as stress will only make it worse.and above all DO NOT cancel your holiday. What is the worst that could happen. You will feel rubbish away from home for a few hours maybe. Better to be distracted by new places than sit at home moping and feeling rubbish. I once had an attack of fast AF come on as I drove to Stansted to catch one of those Irish flights to France (probably why) but got on the plane and had a lovely few days with my sister in the Loire area before coming home and going for a cardioversion. HR of 140+on propafanone was interesting and local GP freaked out but was persuaded not to send me by ambulance to heart hospital 60miles away by e mail from my arrhythmia nurse and gave me prescription for more tablets as I was running out. AF should be part of your life but not all of your life. Take control!

I'm sure by now you will be back in NSR and feeling happier but we are here to hold your cyber hand if you need us.



Thank you to all of you. It's lovely to have you all to chat to in cyber space, particularly in the middle of the night when things are always much worse. The AF lasted for about 9 hours but not with a rapid heart rate, my pulse jumps up and down between 50 and 90 but my body hates it and I feel very sick, breathless and faint with it. As I mentioned before I am a chef and had a large function for lunch today ,so as I couldn't let anybody down, I had to get on with it .The only thing I won't do when I'm like this is drive. I finished about 3 pm and have been sleeping ever since so that's why I'm late in replying. I have recovered much quicker than before the ablation when an attack would take me at least 3 days to recover ,which was difficult because I was having episodes every few days. I'm still hoping that this is just a blip as I have been almost back to normal in the last 3 months. I think this is being triggered by sleep apnoea .I wore an oximeter last night while in AF and every time I dropped off for a few minutes I'd wake with a gasp ,checking oxygen levels they dropped as low as 82.I saw my doctor in May and again today and have been referred to a sleep clinic but I won't be seen until December.

Fi (Thanks Bob ,surprisingly have heard that before ! )


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