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Is this a problem ?

I went to a dinner party last night and the main course was a delicious spinach and mushroom lasagne (my friends are vegetarians)

I was told that with taking Warfarin, spinach is a forbidden food and obviously it would have been very rude to refuse dinner ,particularly as I'd not thought to tell them previously that there were foods that I shouldn't eat

My last INR no. was 2.7 and not due to have it checked until the beginning of September. My GP surgery won't check it again until then but the hospital will if I request it. Should I ? Or is it the case that a one off won't hurt ?

I have had a T.I.A. and a stroke previously this year so not totally paranoid.

Any suggestions please ?


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Hi Fi

It's not a problem I am sure, foods like Spinach and Broccolli contain Vitamin K which does act against warfarin, but you do not need to avoid them, as far as I am aware the ONLY food which should be avoided is Cranberries and their Juice, and even that seems to be a little under dispute (by the Cranberry growers council who else?) What Cranberries do contain is high Vitaman K and also salicylic acid (good old aspirin)

All of the rest of the Green Veggies etc are just to be kept in moderation, not avoided, and if you have always been eating them then continue because the dosage of Warfarin you are on is adjusted for your diet,, so the big rule is no major changes of diet without telling the anti-coag nurse.

So no I would not have my INR re-checked, I doubt if you will have any challenges, but if you are worried, why not ring the ani-coag nurse tomorrow and ask him/her?

Be well



Hi Ian.

I did wonder if this was the case but got a bit panicky that I might have upset the Warfarin balance. I try to follow all advice I've been given (don't usually, but AF and stroke risk is so awful that I behave myself)

Thank you so much for your reply



I have been on warfarin since 13 years nearly stable INR most of time unless other medocation interact especially antibiotic even when doctor insist no interaction may happen

Keep your diet balance without major changes for few days

I meant for example dont eat spanich meals for continuous three days while you are not used to do that usually

Long time ago I tried to loose weight and used to eat cabbage soup for few days then when I checked my INR itdoesnt show any effect of warfarin !!

So im avoiding major change to my routine diet in green or veg consumption including any thing herbal even supplement or tea

In addition to Bean advice mentioned above hope mine are useful


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Thanks Maitha ,very reassuring .I've only been taking Warfarin for 4 months so probably being a little to cautious .I'm taking the diet to seriously and I love spinach ,so maybe a little occasionally will be ok.



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