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Navigating this site

Hi all

I've been playing with the site and perhaps sharing what I have found might help.

a) when you arrive at the site, the cookies are not working, so you will need to log in

b) When you log in, if you see just a list of replies, click on "Communities" at the top, and then AF Association, this will take you to a much easier home page

c) It will still show activity, and to change this, either click on questions or Posts (Posts are the new name for blogs)

d) Note now that the answers to questions are upside down, most recent at the top not the bottom, but annoyingly replies to an individuals replies are still with the original reply.

e) There is still lots of stuff not working, so do post if you find something, there is no "contact us" button for the web master annoyingly. You can email support@healthunlocked.com

Lastly I have emailed and spoken to the team they say they are a very small team, and they are trying very hard to get it up and running, I have expressed that they really should have consulted first, especially on the site navigation, but no point living in the past, let's move on and help as any people as possible.

Hope this helps


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Beancounter, it's so good to hear from you again! I was beginning to think I had lost everyone forever.

I haven't found the 'messages' page yet and would like to exchange phone numbers before our N&N, perhaps you could point me in the right direction.

Hope you had an enjoyable holiday.

Best wishes



Hi Ian

I too had trouble finding messages. I clicked on your name but still couldn't access our previous messages. So I sent you a test message re Nosh and Natter - and after I had sent it to you, I could then see our previous messages - very strange.



Hi Ian and Angela

Having another senior moment - now know how to access my messages - click on our own user name a at the top and then select messages. Too long out in the sun yesterday - 5 long hours of gardening!!



Hello again Marion,

I followed your advice and found my messages. Eureka! I sent my message to Ian. Then I found his message to me - things were getting better. Unfortunately, I was unable to navigate back to you until now. So thank you Marion and make sure you wear your hat in the grden



Good work Bob I've just "book marked" the "Questions" link so it will be quicker/easier now :-)


It's driving me crazy


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