Had my first ablation on September 3rd now I'm scheduled for October 15th idk why I feel scared I've done this before and I was fine I'm only 23 year old I hope everything comes out good for me and for anyone else in this same situation or worse than me :( :( my doc was so suprsised I need a second ablation he said its rare but it scares me to go through it again ughhh idk any advice on why I feel like this even though I've done it before

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  • You've done this before, you can do it again! It actually isn't rare at all. I'll bet you just have a very healthy heart (albeit wired a bit quirky :-) ), and the reconduction of the rogue impulses rewired quickly.

    You will be a pro with the next one, truly, the greatest worry was the unknown and you've nailed that now. Nonetheless it is normal to be hesitant, just reread your old posts and see how surprised you were that things went so well. So hoping this one "nails" it for you!

  • Hi Lulu91 I've just had my second one in 2 months so no worries you'll be fine....I'm on a trial that's why I had one but I'm sooooo glad they went back in as the first one,although successful would have broken down again in time so they were able to re-do one of my veins......:-D :-D.

  • Nerves are normal Lulu. I am surprised they are going in again so soon as your heart hasn't yet had a chance to heal properly but they are they experts. As others have said you have made the first step forward by having your first ablation and I think a second by admitting your fear. Try to think positive thoughts as this really is important. The mind is a powerful tool.


  • It's natural to be nervous but hopefully having been through one will make it easier for you.

    I'm going for my first ablation in 4 weeks time and am starting to get nervous now (I'm also I'm hoping the amiodarone side effects are minimal).

    Good luck with your procedure.

  • I have had 4 Ablations and got more scared each time even though I was an old hand by the fourth!!! I eventually put it down to fear of failure...............so as the guys say STAY POSITIVE

  • Hi I had also had 2 Ablations, 1st one in Nov. Made things worse so I had a 2nd in Mar. That one has proved to be successful. Natural to be a little scared, I think I was the same, worse for the 2nd. I agree that could be fear of failure!

    Agree that it is not rare to have more than 1 ablation.

  • Hi Lulu, best wishes for the 15th and make sure you let us know how your ablation goes. I've had two and must admit I was quite calm and blasé about having my second.

    Big healing hug.


  • Thank you everyone ❤❤ I appreciate it so much

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