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Post First Ablation

Hey, I'm wondering if you can help me. I had my first ablation on 16/03, the first week post, all was relatively fine and dandy. However, since, my HR is all over the place, 50bpm - 180bpm almost every day.

I've had two episodes in the last week or so when it's been stuck in a high rhythm between 120 - 150 for over an hour each time. Ectopic beats and palpitations have returned. I appreciate my heart will have issues post, and I expect it.

But, I don't seem to be able to ascertain if this is all to be expected. My consultant stated it's possibly sinus tachycardia caused by the ablation and impacts on my autonomics. Any help appreciated, as I've already ended up in A&E once..

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Forgot to also say, even walking up my stairs causes my HR to go over 140bpm and then flutter around a bit.


Hi yes it would seem to be par for the course. I had my ablation August 2015 and I think I was back to A&E twice! It ended up with change of medication for me. You will appreciate your heart is upset and is trying to settle, just rest and time was the advice I was given on this excellent site. Hope you feel better soon.


Like you i had a lot of arrhythmias post ablation. Probably worse than pre ablation. They gradually reduced and after 5 months stopped. That was over 3 years ago and bliss since then. So be patient and stay positive.

I was on no meds apart from anticoagulation.


My experience was similar to lallym's - I'm 6 months from my first ablation and starting to feel more normal again. Take it easy, but certainly talk to your doctor if you're feeling worried. Worrying just makes things harder.


Thanks all, sadly things see worse still. Range of my heart is increasing, along with the frequency of tachycardia episodes. Have also now been in Ab fib, and also experiencing sinus Arrhythmia, all being captured via my Alivecor device.

I'm almost having daily occurrences now, daily doses when my tachycardia sticks for over an hour. I've never experienced this before. Appreciate I'm to expect irregularities, but this does not feel right.

Palpitations and ectopics remain, along with pain and discomfort. Really is starting to alarm me.


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