New ablation results from the USA

I've already posted this on the UK Yahoo site, but I'm putting it up here as well because its good to hear of new and more effective techniques.

It is early days, but a very interesting report from the USA is suggesting that there are more effective sites to ablate than just the pulmonary veins, in other words just doing PVI is not always effective. We knew that really because of the variable success rates, but its good to know of reasons and progress. See:

Regards to all, Chris H

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  • Thanks Chris. I know I have had other sites ablated but couldn't tell you what they were

  • To be honest I didn't realize that people only did PVIs as I have had additional blocking lines on all three of mine.. Cryo ablation can only work on the PVs of course which is why some EPs use a combination of cryo and RF.

    I think the secret will turn out to be accurate mapping which I suspect we are not yet getting.. To be fair it is all a bit like shooting rats in a dark room at night with a blindfold on. If you fire enough you may hit a target or two but a nice radar guided gun would work wonders.


  • Like Bob D I also had additional blocking lines in both of my 1st two ablations . As for my last , I'm not sure -- I know that a gap had formed in lesions previously made.


  • Chris, Thanks for posting this.

    I had not seen this study. It's amazing that for so many years treatment for AF has been pretty much at a standstill and all of a sudden there is a big jump. With the onset of FIRM, 3D heart mapping, DECAAF and now this new study things are really looking hopeful for those with AF.

    As I quoted in an earlier blog, a writer stated "Is this the beginning of the end of Afib?"

  • Wondering if those of us due for ablation in the next few months should wait?? Marie

  • Good question, I would think it will take some months or years to implement

    ps, how long have you been on the waiting list

  • Hi. Not long. Asked to see ep and he said OK - this in may. Said waiting list only about 3 months. I then had call asking if I was interested in doing it a few days later as had cancellation. I said no as in France for summer so agreed date in autumn. marie

  • IN UK waiting may be long what with money cuts etc so personally I wouldn't. These experimental procedures will take several years to filter down into mainstream medicine and if it is current US based then it would still have to pass various US checks and balances before even NICE could consider it. My estimate would be five years based on other treatments, I think cautious optimism is appropriate.


  • As ever really its really good to hear other people with the same thoughts,I'm booked in for ablation next Thursday just stopped Warfarin today,and I wondered the same about waiting,and it seems that if/when the 3D mapping technology makes it to the UK it will still make any further procedures more successful(if I understood the info correctly).

    Thanks again guys for the info :-)

  • Ep in St Thomas' says probably will be using firm in a year. Advised me to go ahead but if I needed another it might be in use then.

    On balance I think I will go ahead. Mine is scheduled for November as in France for summer. Marie

  • Feeling desperate:

    Its taken me 2 years to get put on a waiting list, I was added in February this year (19 weeks ago) after all the tests and scans proved positive, I'm still waiting for a date, emailed, phoned, left message’s etc., I’ve been passed around like a poor relative, still no reply, I live in Essex (UK) and I’m under a London hospital, If I had been aware how long I’d have to wait I would have gone elsewhere, I’ve been denied that opportunity , out of desperation I’ve contacted my MP to try to get some answers and some movement.

  • Hi. Sorry to hear that. Which hospital? I am with guys/St Thomas' in london and my ep in favour of early ablation.


  • Whipps Cross,/ Barts, East London

  • Sounds like you have been through the mill. Because I have not had this problem I can't advise you. This question was about new ablation techniques so I would suggest you put this question again to the forum under a new heading as I am sure there are others here that can advise about referral and if you can change to a new ep/hospital.. Marie

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