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Is fatigue post ablation normal please?


Hi all.

Thanks for all your advice so far.

My partner had his first ablation on 6 June and all went well. The consultant is very pleased with him. I just wanted to check whether extreme tiredness is normal after ablation. My partner is resuming normal life but gets very tired when we go for a walk. I don't want to push him too far so would be grateful for any feedback.


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Hi JayEm , Yes in a word. Apart from anything else the four odd hours under GA will knock one for six. I had three all told before I got sorted and after the first one where I tried to be a hero and do everything I took the advice of my Arrhythmia Nurse to do nothing for the first week and not much more for the second. It is still very early days and I believe that a slow recovery is a better one. Just because there is nothing to see does not mean the the poor old heart hasn't had a real bashing so don't worry and DON'T push him.. It takes up to three months for the heart to recover and put down the scar tissue which blocks the rogue impulses so there will be times when strange things happen. Raised resting pulse (maybe 80 odd) is not uncommon after ablation but this should settle down eventually but may take some months. If things haven't improved in three moths time then you could ask the doctors but for now. enjoy life and relax would be my best advice. Moving slowly you see more of the scenery anyway!



Great answer, Bob, and I agree. Any surgery can leave you feeling extra tired for many post-op weeks. This is a time when less is more. Take it slowly.


Ii also agree with Bob. It took me nearly 3 months to get over my first ablation, although the later ones did not take as long

Thanks a lot for this. My partner did not have a GA but it was at least 4 and a half hours in total under sedation. He is also now on some new tablets called Ramipril which I think lower blood pressure. I'll pamper him and take things slowly for the next few weeks!

Hi JayEm, I was a relatively fit 44 year old when I had my first ablation. I read all the things that say you can return to normal after a week, but trust me it took much longer!!!! I returned to work after 10 days thinking that I was fine but got sent home after about 4 hours. So keep your eye on him, because your support is everything.

As ever really good to have insight into all things ablation related, I have been fitted in for my first ablation beginning July after cancelled appointment in May and was wondering if it happens when I should return to work!

In fairness not a very physical job sitting down computer/button pushing. I was thinking of going back asap but may take a full week off after reading the posts...



I would just add, listen to y our body and initially give in when it tells you you have done enough.

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