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Am finding it difficult to find out what cold remedies you can take if you're on Rivaroxaban ?

With AF and being on Rivaroxaban I am at a loss to know what over the counter remedies you can take for a bronchial infection ; I rang doctors ...still waiting for my return call..... rang chemist ....much the same .... no definitive answer. Am feeling rough with voice nearly gone full of mucous in my larynx.....anyone have any ideas? Am doing inhalations...drinking water avoiding dairy..... feeling rotten ...


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Hi Nikki

Yes tricky isn't it, I think some of the old fashioned remedies are probably best, Bowl of very hot water with some eucalyptus oil in it and a towel over your head will clear the sinuses. But you are doing that I think.

Hot water with honey and lemon will soothe sore throats really well, apart from that the usual stuff eat fruit especially oranges etc, drink loads of water, I always think a hot bath helps and the old adage feed a cold (starve a fever) really does work

But feeling for you, hope you get well soon



ty Ian.... just feeling a little low . Luckily my sinuses are clear as are my lungs's the voice bit that's bad........... maybe I'm being told to be quiet . It's like fire when I cough...... [sympathy now please].

going to boil a kettle then sit under a towel...and sulk !

thanks for your input



I took Lemsip once and ny Af kicked in big style, apparently anything with ephedrine is a no. noxxxx


you'd think there would be a list of meds for colds -bought over the counter- that either can be used or not. Even the chemist is unsure which meds are safe for any anti coag apart from warfarin. Shall check for ephedrine from now on.

I shall fire off an email to the makers of Rivaroxaban & ask which propriety meds are safe to use...... someone somewhere must have a rough idea.

Feeling a little more human today but the constant coughing has woken my gallstones from their sleep.... been so long since I had an attack had almost forgotten how painful they are !

not sulking now..... too tired to do it properly ...

thanks .



Sorry to hear you feel so poorly. I am on Rivaoxaban and steer clear of over the counter meds. If I really need something then I usually check with and trust the Pharmacist as I have found them to be quite clued up.

Try gargling with warm salt water and stick to hot water with lemon and honey. I take paracetamol without any issues for pain relief but steer clear of ibuprofen at cardiologists direction.

Hope you soon feel better.




Have been gargling and went to see docs today. Am on antibiotics for the secondary infection. I've not touched Ibuprofen since being on anti coag...... and am more than happy taking Paracetamol when needed.

This bug caught me on the hop... it showed its teeth very quickly but I will survive to tell the tale.

At least I know that Potters vegetable cough remover is ok to take ...tastes grim so must be good.

thanks Dee



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