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Feeling Helpless!!!

A month ago my EP perscribed Nadalol as an alternative to Bisoprolol, and it has not agreed with me at all. I am feeling very tired and heavy legged but its control of my PAF was quite impressive, so I decided to stick with it.

Well I have to get my life back and tried to contact my EP to discuss coming off it, but he has not returned my call. This morning I rang my GP to see what his opinion was and have been told that I cant get in this week!!!.

So I have taken the decision independently to stop taking Nadalol and go back to Bisiprolol. IS THIS THE FUTURE? are we all going to be our own physicians, because getting appointments is getting ridiculous.

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This appears to be the story over and over with GP appointments, can you get in touch with your EP? or do you have an arrhythmia nurse attatched to your clinic as they are invaluable mine is able to talk with my consultant and make med changes.

GP service needs a good sorting out though.

Good luck,



It's very much the same story where I live but there may be alternative ways to talk to a GP. Here we have 48 hour appointments - a few released each morning at opening time (mad scramble on the phone), emergency appointment with any GP in the practice and a telephone consultation with the GP on duty. Perhaps your surgery has something similar?

On a couple of occasions I've even left a letter for my GP!


Is there an Arrhythmia nurse at your hospital. They are an invaluable resource and can get to the EP quicker than trying to go through his/her secretary.

Alternatively does your surgery have an option to ask to speak to the GP on call if you cant get an appointment. I am very lucky with my GP practice and my GP said if I need to speak to someone or get a quick appointment just say cardiac and they tend to jump to it (that is if they don't tell you to go straight to A&E which has happened to me on occasion) but if you persist it might work to get to speak with a GP.

I have found GP's won't often override what an EP has said and tend not to want to change medication without their say so. Get pushy (well persistent at the very least) sadly its often the only way.



Thanks for the replies and yes I rang my GP back and said I was coming off my heart medicine, and guess what he rang me within half an hour. He has actually sanctioned what I am doing and says that after a month my body would have adjusted if it was going to.


Wow, result. So pleased you have had a response and some positive actions. Hope things improve for you very soon.

Be well.



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