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Back in hospital again

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Hi, all hooked up to monitors in ED again waiting to be sent to a ward. My cardiologist will be in to see me in the morning. Not feeling too bad now but this afternoon I couldn’t get warm, despite layers of clothes and blankets and then my blood pressure started going through the roof and I had a headache and pains in my back and chest. We rang my Cardiologist/EP who said to head to the hospital. I think it may be associated with a change in meds on Friday but ED doctor doesn’t think so and it could be an unrelated virus. Will see what my doctor says in the morning.

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Oh dear that's not good.

Hope they manage to sort you out soon and that it is "only" a virus.


Oh no Kaz. I hope you're better soon, let us know how it goes won't you?

Best get well wishes from across the world x

Best wishes Kaz hope you are sorted quickly. Take care.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery Kaz 😀

Get well soon Kaz :-) x

Sorry to hear that Kaz. Please let us know what your EP says.

Wishing you a speedy recovery.


I hope you had an OK night and answers are forthcoming!

Any news Kaz? Been thinking of you x

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Kaz747 in reply to Hilly22

Thanks. No news yet. Still waiting for my specialist. I think my issues are drug related. I have a nice room with a view of the hills (and train station, freeway and construction site). I'm feeling very relaxed and have just about read a whole book. My lunch, morning and afternoon teas were delicious too. 😀

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Hilly22 in reply to Kaz747

its good to hear from you, and sounding so chirpy too 😊.

Medications have a lot to answer for ... had a bad experience with ace inhibitors a few months back when my potassium levels started getting dangerously high.

I do hope they can sort yours out quickly.

I'm in the middle of a book which is coincidentally set partly around Perth.

Keep smiling 😊

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Kaz747 in reply to Hilly22

Mine is about the heart, health and life. Written by a young female Perth cardiothoracic surgeon.

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Hilly22 in reply to Kaz747

That sounds interesting. Mine's a novel about children from catholic-run orphanages in the UK being sent to Australian orphanages in the early 50s. I'm enjoying the descriptions of the area but it's shocking and sad at times.

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